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Before joining anything you have to pay for on the Internet, we always wonder if it is worth the money or not. In this article I will share my honest thoughts on BlogEngage, and then you can decide after reading if you believe it is worth joining, or not!

Quite a long time ago I joined BlogEngage myself, a few months after launching my blog about Business and Faith. I made a subscription for three months where my new articles would be automatically added to the BlogEngage system (Platinum). After hesitating a bit I joined, and this article is based on my own experience and results from using BlogEngage.

What is BlogEngage about?

BlogEngage reviewBlogEngage is about sharing articles, voting for articles and reading great articles. You can share whatever you write, and everyone else using BlogEngage are free to vote for your articles, comment on your articles and so on. Whenever an article get seven votes it will be promoted to a „Published” status, which means that it can be seen on the front page and it turns into a do-follow link, which means that it can have a positive SEO effect. Since there are lots of people using BlogEngage it is also a place where you can get to know other bloggers, find bloggers with similar interests as yourself and so on. That was a should BlogEngage introduction. Now it is time to share my own honest thougts about BlogEngage.

BlogEngage review: First impression

After joining I immediately got the information I needed and a personal message from the owner of BlogEngage, Brian. In the time following this I got answers whenever I had questions and I really felt like I was taken care of inside the system, dealing with support and service. Quite a lot of my already written articles where automatically added, so I had quite some articles added to the system within the first 24 hours.

BlogEngage review: Did it bring new visitors to my site?

BlogEngage let you meet other bloggersAfter joining BlogEngage I spent quite some time every day surfing BlogEngage, being an active member; commenting other peoples content, voting for content and chatting with other bloggers. In that period my blog had some 10 visitors a day and during my days where I spent quite some time and energy at BlogEngage I had days with 25-40 visitors instead, which was quite an increase, at least for such a small blog as my own. Due to my activity I got in contact with quite some bloggers, and that caused others to vote for my content, which again led to several of my articles getting published, causing new visitors to drop by Business and Faith, and giving me some do-follow inbound links.

It should also be said that BlogEngage members like to comment, so if you remain active at BlogEngage, it might give you quite a lot of visitors used to commenting blog posts.

BlogEngage review: Is it still bringing visitors to my site?

There is a principle telling us that you only reap where you saw. The same is true when it comes to BlogEngage. After my initial period on BlogEngage with lots of activity, I went into a passive mode, and that had its results. If you do not saw, you will not reap. What I mean with this is that if you do not spend time on BlogEngage, if you become a passive member doing nothing, never visiting the site, never commenting on other peoples content and never voting, you will experience that your own content will suffer from the medicine you give others in the community, silence. If you want to get new visitors that keep coming back to your site and get your content spread online, you need to stay active on BlogEngage yourself.

BlogEngage review: My little conclusion

If you have read what I count to be my own very honest BlogEngage review you have been able to get some more information about the community itself and about my own experience with the community. I have read some terrible reviews about BlogEngage online with one simple goal; to create a bad BlogEngage reputation online, and I have read other BlogEngage reviews online with one single goal; to only share positive sides and to get money from affiliate links. The goal of this review is neither of those. The goal is simply to share my own experience and to let you as a person interested in BlogEngage decide for yourself whether you want to join in and try, or not.

Personally I believe that it can be a good tool for many bloggers out there and a good tool if you want to share your content with others, get your blog known in the blogger community and if you want to connect with other bloggers. You do not necessarily need to spend much time to enjoy the positive effect of BlogEngage. If you spend 5-10 minutes a day writing comments, submitting your new content (if you have a subscription where this is not done automatically) and voting for articles it can have a very good effect on your own site and articles. If you however expect BlogEngage to be a tool that will bring you visitors and better ranking without any using any energy, then skip it, because it will not work.

[stextbox id=”info”]If you join this community as a Christian blogger, check out the Christianity, Leadership and Inspirational group where you can share your content and thus we can help each other spread the good news easier and better.[/stextbox]

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