How to get Google Analytics statistics sent to your emailaddress?

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It can be time demanding to always visit the Google Analytics website to get fresh statistics. It can therefore be time saving to get those statistics sent regularly to your email address with the latest and most important numbers. But, how to you get Google Analytics statistics sent to your email address?

It is quite easy to get statistics from Google Analytics sent to your email address. The most important now is that you login to your Google Analytics account and we will take it step to step from there.

Google Analytics statistics sent to your email address

When you are inside the Google Analytics panel you should start by going to Admin (upper right corner). You will now see several options in the panel, and one of those is Reporting. By default you will arrive to the “Audience” option. Let us say that you want to get the Audience Overview statistics sent to your email address by default once a week. To do that take a look just below the menu bar, and there you will see “Email.”

Audience Overview statistics to my email from Google Analytics

Once you click a window will popup where you can ask for the statistics to be sent to your email address, and you can set options on how often you want it to come, on what day of the week you want it to come and of course to what email address it should arrive.

If you want to get some other statistics sent to your email from Google Analytics, then visit the site you are interested in and ask for an email with those statistics.

Customizing a Google Analytics email report

If you want a different report sent to your email than what the standard reports provided by Google Analaytics offer, you can visit the Customization area (next to Reporting in the menu bar.) There you can go ahead and create a new custom report with your requested information and statistics found in it.

Setting up a custom report will require some insight and some time, because you need to understand all the different data and opportunities in it.

Good luck and enjoy getting your Google Analytics statistics sent to your email address regularly.

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