Garden work is lots of fun – the results are strange!

carrot in garden

I really like working in the garden, and I am a big fan of growing vegetables in my own garden. It is such a fantastic feeling to eat stuff that you have “created” yourself.

This year I haven’t had much time to grow stuff in my garden, but some of my kids threw lots of seeds around here and there. Therefore, I have a couple of tomato plants growing in the middle of nowhere, and I also have some carrots coming up in places not meant for carrots. And, those carrot seeds were sown in a place where the soil was very thin, making them short and strange looking.

carrot in garden

But, who cares? It is an organic carrot grown in my own garden, and most important, it is the result of the work of my own hands, and of my kids, and that makes it better than any carrot you can buy in the store!

Besides the tomatoes and the carrots, I also have some beetroot growing in the garden. I might post some pictures of those later!

Next year I hope to be able to grow more vegetables in my garden.

organic carrot

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