A Hungarian barbecue party – strange stuff!

hungarian grill

One of the hardest things to get used to as you move to Hungary is the Hungarian barbecue party. It is not at all like elsewhere!

With the arrival of international grocery stores like Aldi and Lidl, you can see more traditional barbecue parties all around Hungary. But, the traditional Hungarian barbecue is not at all about grilling sausages and large portions of meat. Instead, you go to the butcher and ask for the largest piece of white bacon from the pig. This is the one that is 100% fat and no meat.

Now you go home and make a fire. Then you cut the bacon into slices and put them on a spear of some kind. It is time to grill it above the fire. But, whenever you see a drop of fat dripping from the piece of bacon you find your slice of bread and make sure to let the fat drip onto your piece of bread.

hungarian grill

After 10-15 minutes you have a slice of bread full of fat, and you have a nicely roasted piece of bacon. You can add some red onion on the top, or maybe some spices, or just eat it together with an onion that you grilled together with the bacon itself.

hungarian barbecue

On the slice of bread above, there is too little fat… But, since I ain’t-a big fan of this sort of barbecue, I am more than satisfied with this amount 🙂

The truth is, this is such a popular thing to do in Hungary, that the price of 1 kg of this white bacon is about the same as the price of 1kg of chicken breast. Now, that is crazy!

Coming to Hungary? Do not miss out on a traditional Hungarian barbecue! 

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