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The ultimate Christmas gift

This Monday is not just any Monday, it is Christmas Eve and motivational Monday at[…]

Leadership lessons from the playground

Leadership lessons from the playground

Some days ago I went out to the playground to play with my little son.[…]

What keywords to optimize for? SEO Wednesday

What can I do to get more visitors to my website? In my first SEO[…]

Problems are there to be solved

Don’t let your surroundings tell you what is possible and what can be done. Obstacles[…]

Having the right perspective

On December 12th I wrote an article about keeping the priorities right. That is very[…]

Are you hungry for more?

Many people strive for greatness and we all want victories in our lives. As we[…]

“No Update Required – Your WordPress database is already up-to-date!” error message

Not long ago I automatically updated a WordPress blog. Once updated I got the following[…]

Keep the priorities right!

Starting a new business requires lots of work. You need to arrange with paperwork, need[…]

How to spread the word about your blog on the internet?

You have finally decided to write a blog and now you would like to spread[…]

Should I write a blog?

If you wonder whether you should write a blog or not, keep on reading. There[…]