Gratefulness at the end of the year

Inspirational Monday

You can own the world, but if you do not have gratefulness in your heart, you have nothing!

Gratefulness for everything you have gotI have a friend who works as a chef in a school in Budapest and he has a monthly salary of 250-300 USD. That is not much at all compared to the price level around, but he claims to be rich anyway. He belongs to a church, he has peace with God, and he has food on the table. A few days before his paycheck arrives it might be hard to get food on the table, but he is still so grateful to God for everything he has.

Then you have other people. They own tablets, laptops, houses, cars and you just name it. However instead of having gratefulness in their hearts, they complain about how expensive everything is in this world, how high the gas prices are and how bad their current pastor is. Stop for a minute! I have a feeling my friend who only earns 250-300 USD a month is richer than you ever, even if your monthly salary exceeds 2000-3000 USD. And to be honest, I would rather be grateful and „poor”, than complaining and „rich.” Why? The so called poor person (in USD) is happy, the so called rich person (in USD) is unhappy!

In reality this is not a question of money, but a question of your heart. As we now end the year of 2012, why not take your time to sit back, relax, think through what has taken place in the year and give thanks. Maybe you could even pick up your phone and call some friends, family members and church members and tell them how grateful you are for something they did for you or for someone else in 2012. Focus in on all the good things that has happened to you and give thanks. Not only to persons around you, but also to God and for everything he has done for you in the year that is about to end.

Wish you all a happy new year and see you all around in 2013!

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