How to watch Netflix in Russia?

Do you want to enjoy all the films and programs available in Netflix in Russia? Unfortunately that can not be done, at least it is not supposed to work. In spite of the fact that Netflix is blocked in Russia, there is a way around this problem and in which you can find yourself watching Netflix in Russia still. Interested? Read on!

The Netflix website is doing a back-up check on you as you arrive to their page. If they see that you are arriving from a nation in which Netflix is unavailable, you will only see a website telling you that Netflix is unavailable in your country. But, if you change the nation in which you are located, at least virtually, Netflix will turn available to you at once. The question is therefore how to get an IP address in another country? The answer is easy, almost too easy. It is a Virtual Private Network, often abbreviated as a VPN.

The biggest VPN providers all have servers in the UK and in the United States, and if you sign up for a subscription with a VPN provider like that and connect to one of their servers in the UK or in the United States, you will get an IP address in that given nation, and as Netflix do a background check on your location (which they find based on your IP address), they will see that you are located in the UK or in the USA, and therefore Netflix will turn available to you. And the great thing is, it is really easy!

To get started I suggest that you sign up to the VPN provider IPVanish. They are a very trustworthy and solid VPN provider with very nice and good prices, and very easy to understand website. Head over to their website, sign up for their VPN service, download their IPVanish VPN client and connect to a server in the USA or in the UK. It is working, it is quick and it is easy.


So, are you ready to sign up for a free 30 day trial and watch unlimited content on Netflix for 30 days? Do not hesitate, but get started today! Press the IPVanish button and go get it!

I have another page dedicated to give the best information on how to watch Netflix from abroad, so if you want even more information, visit my Netflix help site. If you rather read on about how to get an Russian IP address, I recommend this article.


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