VyprVPN 2.0 soon to be released

Not long ago I wrote my VyprVPN review and I hope many of you have read it and found it interesting. Now they guys and girls at GoldenFrog are soon to released the VyprVPN 2.0 client, making things look even better and hopefully faster.


What will be new or changed in VyprVPN 2.0?

The major changes with the new version of VyprVPN will be a brand design on the Windows client for the VPN service. Everyhing can happen with one single click, making it easy to change between servers and connect whenever you want. You can also easily decide what server to connect to, and a great new feature will be the chance to favorite certain servers. Since most of us do not connect to all servers in all nations available from VyprVPN, the favorite feature will be a positive new feature making it much easier to use the VPN client.

Ping the servers and watch some graphs

A new feature to VyprVPN which has been available by many of the competitors for a while is the chance to ping the different servers. In that way you can easily ping the servers, find the one with the best speed and connect to that one. This might seem like a little function, but it can save you lots of time as you do not try to connect to those servers with a bad ping in order to find one with good speeds. Connect to the server with the best ping at once!

Another function coming is a graph presenting to you your download and upload speeds. This is a function that few VPN providers, but one that do have a similar function already is PureVPN.

These were some of the upcoming changes for VyprVPN. We look forward to the upgrade and look forward to the new and hopefully brilliant design!



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