VPN providers with Bitcoin payment

HideMyAss with Bitcoin support

Do you have a Bitcoin account and would like to use your Bitcoin money to buy a VPN account? Want to make a VPN subscription without giving any information about your real identity or location? Use a VPN provider with Bitcoin support!

So, you are looking for a VPN provider with Bitcoin support. You have come to the right place. It is getting more and more popular to add Bitcoin as a payment option and method among VPN providers, but still far from all VPN providers to have support for Bitcoin payments. Here you can find a list presenting what I believe to be the best VPN providers at the market at the moment, with Bitcoin payment as an option!


The biggest VPN provider now has support for Bitcoin payments. With an amazing amount of more than 50,000 IP addresses available on servers in more than 63 nations they are for sure leading in the VPN business and they keep expanding all the time. To get to know more about HideMyAss, read my honest HideMyAss review. To visit their website, click here.


PureVPN is doing their best to stay among the best VPN providers on the market. They have a very good blog packed with useful advices, but more important, they have a product worth using if you need a VPN server in one of the countries where they are represented. At the moment PureVPN has servers in 25 nations, and in general it can be said that all these servers have very good speeds, so worth using! Read my honest PureVPN review or visit their website directly.


I have not yet written anything about StrongVPN in this guide, but people with knowledge about VPN and VPN providers to know that StrongVPN is a provider with long history, good reviews and servers in several nations. They are making things a bit more complicated than most other providers as they have different packages giving you access to different nations. In addition changing between the nations is a bit more complicated than with other VPN providers, but at least they have Bitcoin support and very good download speeds in the nations where they are represented. Read the Thomas Stein StrongVPN review for more information.


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