The new Fire tablet from Amazon

Kindle FireI do not want to use much time writing about the new Fire tablet from Amazon, but I simply turned so interested as I noticed that you could get hold of this brand new tablet for only 50USD that I had to try it. Well, now I have tried it and here are my thoughts!

First of all, for 50 USD you should not get a good tablet at all, and considering the price this is great value for your money. But, since we actually want quality once we buy something there are some things you should know and consider before you purchase a Fire tablet from Amazon. Since I have tested the 7″ Fire tablet, that is the one I am speaking about, but the Fire tablets with larger screens are exactly the same, just with better screen, resolutions and processors!

But, the Amazon Fire Tablet is Amazon’s best friend. In other words, this is not a tablet like if you would buy a Samsung Galaxy tablet, because this tablet is totally built and constructed to work with the different Amazon services. You can download Spotify to your Fire tablet, but it is perfectly made ready for working with Amazon Music. You can watch Netflix on the Fire tablet, but it is extremely good if you use it to watch Amazon Instant Videos and Prime content! You can surf the Internet using the Silk browser, but you will probably miss old Firefox and Chrome as they are not available for the Fire tablet.

There are lots of apps available for the Fire tablet, but after looking at it for 1 minute you at once realize that this is a tablet first of all for those who like Amazon, like to shop from Amazon and who like to read books on their Kindle.

The email reader looks really nice on the Fire tablet, but I just have one problem and that is the fact that you can not mass delete or mass select messages. In other words there is no “Select All” option, making it take ages to delete 50 messages if that is needed. That is why I installed K9 mail instead which I also use on other devices. It doesn’t look as nice as the Fire email program, but at least I can mass delete!

One thing I like is that this can be made very children friendly, but since I do not really want my children to have and use a tablet this is not needed at the moment, but still… you have the chance to create a profile for your children and then you can decide what content they are given access to, and then all other content is closed and away from them, meaning that they can not enter your emails, surf around and buy lots of stuff from Amazon without you knowing about it!

This was just my short thoughts on the Fire tablet, but if you want to read more about it, then this is a much longer and detailed review!

Ps: I just book the bought Eve to read it on my Kindle, and as I just opened my Fire tablet there the book was on my desktop, ready to download and read (even though I sent the book to my Kindle and not to my tablet). But, the Fire tablet lives in symbiosis with Amazon, so I guess that is the way it is supposed to work!



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