Singles day coming up tomorrow – Start your Christmas shopping early!

While most people in the western world wait for Black Friday, the people of China start their Christmas shopping tomorrow. At November 11th it is time for Singles day, an amazing shopping day that might be even bigger than Black Friday!

Can you imagine what it is like when the people of China all decide to go shopping at the same time? That is what will happen on Singles day tomorrow, that is on November 11th. This is the day with the most crazy discounts of the year in China and in the center of it all you will find AliExpress. This is the number one store which you should visit to grab yourself some nice discounts tomorrow.

AliExpress is the Chinese version of Ebay. Here different companies sell their products and what is great is that lots of them ship for free. You can in other words order most of the products you want and have it delivered to your home country without any shipping cost. If you live in Europe you should be aware of a possible VAT coming up as it enters into the continent, but that is only for goods above a certain price (might be worth checking out before you order). But, the fact that you might have to pay VAT shouldn’t scare you away from shopping. If a product normally is way cheaper at AliExpress than in Europe, and you will get it even cheaper on Singles day, then some VAT payment upon arrival to your country will still result in you getting a much cheaper product than you would buying it in your home country.

Are you ready to shop tomorrow? Singles day is coming up!

What to shop on Singles day?

If you want to buy yourself a new cell phone or a tablet then this is a great chance. Lots of digital devices are sold out with discounts up to 50%, so look around to see if you find something nice. It is also a fact that smart watches are very trendy and I just saw that there will be lots of Singles day discounts on smart watches on AliExpress.

You can of course buy presents as well… maybe some nice clothes, toys for the kids or maybe some tools for the kitchen or the garden? Look around for yourself and get ready for some Christmas shopping on November 11th in 2016!

Are you ready to shop? Maybe not! Would you rather like to shop from Amazon in Germany, Amazon in the UK or Amazon in the USA? That might be easier, but it will for sure not be very much cheaper. Look around and decide for yourself!


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