Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid – Match to watch!

Liga BBVA had its start last weekend and as we pointed out earlier this week it was a quite boring start. Hopefully this weekend will be better and if you are to watch one match this weekend, it better be Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid.

Sevilla is one of the best teams in Spain and in the Spanish Super Cup they managed to beat Barcelona just before season start. They both opened the season in a relaxed way and while Atletico Madrid managed to get 3 points winning 1-0 against Las Palmas Sevilla only managed to get one point after playing 0-0 against Malaga. Even though they did not impress last weekend, this is still the best match of the weekend and it will be really interesting to see whether both teams will rise and play football at its best and we will get a draw in this match, or if Sevilla will be able to play football like they did as the won against Barcelona in the Super Cup final(s).

Do you have any guess who will win? We believe this match will end up with a 2-1 victory for Sevilla. We placed our bet at Bet365, so if you feel like, place your own bet there as well!

If you want to watch Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid online then you can do so following the instructions at our front page. It is really easy and it is quick to fix, so be sure to read the article if you are a fan of Spanish football!

And, yesterday both Sevilla and Atletico Madrid got to know against whom they will play in the Champions League group stage in 2015. Sevilla got in the “death group” consisting of Manchester City, Juventus and Borussia Monchengladbach while Atletico Madrid was much luckier ending up with Benfica, Galatasaray and Astana FC.  If you like football, get ready for lots of great matches and excitement this autumn!


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