How can I add my site to Google currents?

Google currents is a beautiful looking program which you can use on your Android device and it lets you read magazines, blogs and newspapers easily without visiting the websites manually. You might enjoy reading news on Google currents, but maybe you read this article because you wonder how you can add your site to Google currents?

To be able to add your website to Google currents you first need to install Google Chrome (where is the logic?). Before continuing you can therefore head over to Google and install their browser if you haven’t got it already.

Once you have downloaded the browser you should open the following site: Once you open the site you need to log in to your Google account and after that you will be able to register a new site/blog/feed on Google currents. During the installation you will be asked about the address of your feed, you will get the chance to add link to your YouTube profile, add the category to which you want to add the site, add cover image and promotional images, set up cooperation with Google Analytics and much more. You need to verify that you are the owner of the site you want to add and in the end you need to publish your site. Later you can find information about the amount of subscribers on the „publish” page within the Google currents producer tool.

How to add my site to Google currents
Use Google producer to add your site to Google currents

How to get subscribers on Google currents?

It is not enough simply to add your site to Google currents. When this is done you will get the chance to find promotional material which you can use on your blog to make your followers follow you. After registering you will still not be visible inside Google currents, so people who search for your blog will not find you even though you are registered. Before you turn visible you will need to gather 200 subscribers through own promotion on your website and social media, and once you have 200 subscribers you will start showing up on Google currents as people search for content and things that deal with your blog.

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