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Watch Nobel (season 1) on Netflix

Nobel was voted as the best European TV series in 2016. Now you can stream the Norwegian TV series Nobel on Netflix. Curious? In Nobel we follow a crew of soldiers who have been to Afghanistan after returning to Norway. Life ain’t easy back home in Norway, but in every episode we also get further

The best Christmas movies on Swedish Netflix

Would you like to watch a Christmas movie on Netflix today? Which are the best Christmas movies available on Swedish Netflix? What brings the Christmas atmosphere into your home? Maybe your favorite Christmas music, or maybe the smell of incense? Maybe as you start preparing the presents or get your favorite food served on the

NordVPN with new servers

NordVPN has been updating their servers recently and added servers in even some new nations. NordVPN is one of the most famous VPN providers on the market. If you read reviews on different blogs, on Reddit and similar platforms you will notice a sweet mixture of very positive and somewhat negative reviews. That is exactly

Watch The Good Dinosaur on Netflix

Some of us saw it in cinemas not long ago, and now we can watch it on Netflix as well. The Good Dinosaur has arrived! How can you watch it? The Good Dinosaur is a film created by the people behind Finding Nemo and if you like beautifully looking animated films, then The Good Dinosaur

Watch Chelsea vs Manchester City online

On February 21 Chelsea will play Manchester City in the FA Cup. Find out how to watch Chelsea vs Manchester City online and watch the best football match in Europe this weekend. Manchester City has had a peaceful week with no matches played while Chelsea visited Paris, not because of the Eiffel tower, but to