Best way to watch the Winter Olympics 2014 online!

Are you a fan of winter sports who look forward to the Winter Olympics in 2014? Would you like to see your favorite events and favorite athletes as they compete? There are several ways of doing so, but in this article I want to focus on how you can watch the Winter Olympics 2014 online in the best possible way!

Let me just start by telling that the best possible way is to watch a legal and good channel online, using their original stream. There are tons of websites with scam streams, poor quality and not to forget, tons of commercials you have to watch and press and then in the end hopefully some sort of a stream will start. That is not the best way to watch the Winter Olympics online. So, instead, read on and find out what is the best possible way!

Best way to watch the Winter Olympics 2014 online!

If you wonder what TV channels have the official rights to watch the Winter Olympics, I recommend that you take a look at the following article in the IP Address Guide. I have used that article as a source as I write this article, and since you read this article in English, my guess is that you want to watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi at a TV channel where the commentators speak English, so that is the basic for my recommendations in this article.

Well, let us start by considering some.

Winter Olympics with Australian accent

If you want to watch the Winter Olympics online with a bit of an Australian accent, then you better head over to Network Ten (Tenplay). They are writing themselves that from the opening ceremony on February 7th until the closing ceremony on February 23rd they will broadcast more than 360 hours of live sports on TEN, ONE and tenplay. The most important for those who want to watch online is that there will be eight special channels on tenplay where you can watch sports online, so viewers can online follow all the important moments using their online service tenplay. If you try to watch it from outside Australia it will not work, but if you get an Australian IP address you can find yourself watching Network Ten and tenplay online easily from all across the world. If you want to watch like this, you need an Australian IP address, and HideMyAss can help you with that.


 Watch Sochi Winter Olympics with Irish accent

I am not yet 100% sure how this will work, but in Ireland it is the TV channel RTE which has the rights to broadcast from the Winter Olympics. They do have some very nice streaming available online, but I have not yet been able to find out exactly how their streaming will be online from the Winter Olympics, so I can not make any promises concerning what they will make available online, and what will only be made visible to TV visitors yet. Still, if you want to watch RTE in Ireland from abroad, read the following article. To get an Irish IP address, visit the HideMyAss website.


Watch Winter Olympics 2014 with Canadian accent

There are simply to many channels who share the rights to broadcast from the Winter Olympics in Sochi in Canada, so I am a bit confused and have a feeling that you will not get it all at any of the channels. This means that you will have to find out which channels will broadcast what when, and then decide based on that. The channels with the rights to broadcast from the Winter Olympics in Canda are CBC Television, Ici Radio-Canada Télé Sportsnet, TSN, TVA Sports and RDS. CBC Sports will have live streams available online from the Olympics on Sochi, and you can find their streams here. To watch the get yourself a Canadian IP address using IPVanish.


Watch the Winter Olympics with a British accent

BBC is the channel with the rights to broadcast from the Winter Olympics in the United Kingdom, and for people located in Europe this might be the best solution if you want to watch your favorite athlete and sport online during the Sochi Winter Olympics. If they follow tradition you will be able to watch the events in the BBC iPlayer, and hopefully they will do like tenplay in Australia and make it all available online. They say themselves that they will broadcast more than 200 hours from the Winter Olympics which will be made available every day to viewers, so I guess all you need to do is to get a UK IP address and tune in to the BBC iPlayer from wherever you are in the world to watch. The best way of getting a UK IP address is to use the VPN services of HideMyAss. More information at their website.


Live from Sochi with an American accent

Last, but not least, I must write that you can of course watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi online with an American accent. NBC has the rights to broadcast from the Winter Olympics to the United States, and they will do it with a blast. They will have more than 1000 hours of broadcasting available at their portal To watch you will need an American IP address, but in addition you will need your username and password given by your TV provider in the United States which has NBC in their package. For those of us who would like to watch from overseas that is hard since we do not have one, but I will look into it to see if there is any way of getting by this block. If you need an American IP address, visit the HideMyAss website and sign up for their VPN services.


I hope you have liked this article and found it helpful. Enjoy watching the winter Olympics online with English commentaries!



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