Slay your dragons in the morning

Slay Your Dragons in the Morning

I just read this really good article written by Michael Hyatt, one of the best Christian bloggers out there, and I must admit that even though I do not always read his posts, this was an outstanding one.

What is it about? You need to slay your dragons in the morning before you get out of the dark. It is so important to get a good start on the new day, and you need to get up spiritually, physically and with your head. That is why excercise is important, that is why we all need to read our Bibles and that is why we need to study and read so that our minds can be alert and we can always be learning.

I so much liked one of his citations in the article as well: Leaders read and readers lead. It is so true, and we need to stay fresh and young in our minds!

Do you want to read the article as well? Read Slay Your Dragons in the morning by Michael Hyatt!



Share button for WhatsApp

WhatsApp sharingWe all love those social sharing buttons on our websites, and recently I suddenly discovered a new opportunity which can explode your visitor amount. That is the WhatsApp sharing button.

If you scroll down at the bottom of this article you can see among the sharing buttons that there is a WhatsApp icon as well. If you read this article on your Android or iOS device just click the button and you will get the chance to share this article on WhatsApp. That is amazing considering the incredible amount of people using WhatsApp, and if until now it has been so complicated to share websites on WhatsApp (copy paste), but with the new button things just got much easier.

Unfortunately most sharing plugins for WordPress have not yet updated and added the WhatsApp sharing possibility, but if you want a sharing plugin with WhatsApp included, then AddToAny will do. That is at least the plugin I am using here at this page.

So, happy sharing, and do not forget to share this article with your friends using WhatsApp to let them know about this great possibility.

Which is the best browser for Windows if you want to save bandwidth?

If you sit at home with a nice broadband connection you do not really care if loading a website requires you to download 500kb or 5mb. However, if you for example use a data connection on a mobile phone and use this connection to surf in Windows, then you will for sure try to avoid those heavy websites and use as little data traffic as possible to reduce cost. Which is the best web browser for Windows available for you?

The answer is very simple, and it is almost the same as if you were an Android user. Because you might know that Opera Mini for Android is an ideal option if you use Android, because this will not load the pages directly, but instead they will load a lighther version of the sites, meaning that you will download much less data than you would with other browsers. An example is that in my Opera Mini on my Android phone it currently says that i have downloaded 188MB instead of 686MB, which is the result of Opera Mini and the way it is working. Knowing this I wondered if there is a similar option for Windows users, because it would be very useful to save the same amount of data as I use data connections in Windows.

Opera Turbo - Best browser for less bandwidth

Best browser to minimize data costs for Windows

After looking around I understood that this is not the most normal thing people look for, but the Norwegian company behind Opera seem to understand that there still is a need for this, and that is why they have made this a part of their already operating Opera browser for Windows. I had that browser for a long time, the only thing was that I did not know about the function and how to activate it. So, if you want to minimize data costs in Windows the best browser for you to use is Opera, and the function we are talking about is called Opera Turbo (earlier known as Off-Road). To activate Opera Turbo you only have to press the menu button (Opera) and then scroll down towards the bottom where you will see Opera Turbo. As you press Opera Turbo it will be activated and as of then you will start visiting sites using less bandwidth than earlier.

It is not always saving you bandwidth, so some sites as you visit them using Opera Turbo will use just as much bandwidth as if you would visit them with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, but then again there are sites where you will save a lot of bandwidth. During a test earlier today for example opening with the Opera Browser with Opera Turbo activated “costed” 700kb while visiting the same site without the Opera Turbo used more than 4,5mb on bandwidth. In other words, you will not always save a lot of bandwidth, but you will never use more and at lots of sites you will save bandwidth, so the end result will for sure be less used bandwidth than if you would use any other browser!

Someone copied my website – What to do?

Google removed the fake websiteNot so long ago I noticed that one of the websites I am cooperating with started getting lots of visitors from a third site. Always curious to see where the visitors come from I visited the site, only to receive a little shock. The visitors came from a full copy of the site I am working with, and all content and design and images were copied, and since all on-site links were copied as well, everyone who clicked the links on the 3 party site where sent to my site as a result.

As I noticed that the site had kept all links and affiliate links I did not really care so much, after all I would still get the profit from the affiliate links. With this in my mind I did not think more about it and kept on doing other stuff.

Then some weeks or maybe a month later I thought it was time to check up on this again, and that is when I noticed some changes on the third party site which had copied my content. They had added some Google ads to the site, they have changed 1% of the text and all affiliate links were changed to their own links.. As I noticed this I felt like it was time to get something done, and this is what I did!

First of all I searched Google for help and then I asked in the Google Webmaster Forum. Someone advised me to contact the owner of the site and domain, but as I noticed it was located in Russia I thought it would be tough to get through with this. The second advice I got was to file a DMCA report with Google, and that is what I did. (if you have the same problem you can file a DMCA report here). In the report I had to report all the addresses of the sites that had been copied from me, and as I posted my complaint I simply had to wait to see how Google would react.

How long does it take for a DMCA complaint to be answered?

I posted two different DMCA complaints, one on June 19th and one on June 21st. It took exactly 14 days for them to be answered, meaning that some days into July Google had answered my complaints, and here you can see what the DMCA panel looked like in the end.

DMCA complaint

This is what it looked like after Google answered to my complaints.

If you take a look at the image above you can see how I once posted a complaint about 1 URL and in the next I complained about 36 URLs. As Google answered my complaints the approved all the URLs, meaning that they removed them from their search results. In other words, where the third party site which copied my content showed up in the Google results, after they were removed from the search results my site showed up instead. Victory!

It is important to say that a DMCA complaint is not only to be filed when someone has copied your texts, but if you have copyrighted material like pictures and so on, you can just as much file a DMCA complaint then as well.

So, this is how things ended up for me as someone copied my website and its content and published it on another server.

This is not a 100% solution

I must admit that this is not a 100% solution, because with this I only managed to make sure that Google removed the site from their search engine. In other words, the site itself still works and is online, and it might be that other search engines will still publish that site in their search results, but considering that by far the biggest amount of visitors origin from Google, this is by far the best solution (and easiest to get through).


AD: The Bible – my thoughts after the first episode

It is always interesting as they create new TV series and films based on the Bible. We have recently seen quite a lot of similar films, and some of them are terrible (read: Noah from 2014), while some are better. The last can for sure be said about AD: The Bible, at least based on my experience watching the first episode.

AD The Bible

I watch AD: The Bible on NBC online, something that can be done using a VPN, and you can read more about watching NBC from abroad here. So, I got started and was very curious on what the first episode of the NBC serie should be like, but it only took me minutes to realize that I liked it a lot, not only from a film perspective, but also from the perspective that I am a Christian who believe in Jesus as my savior who not only died for me, but also rose again from the dead, something that the first episode is about.

In the first episode there are of course parts which are fiction and which are not supported by the Bible, but from the other perspective, they can not be said to be unbiblical, so they are just helping our imagination to get a feeling of what life was like in that time, and what Caiaphas, Pilate and all the other characters involved in the crucifixion and the resurrection felt and thought about the events taking place.

In fact, to me it seemed very true to the original story, so I felt like I just half the time watching praying and thanking God for the sacrifice he did sending Jesus to die for my sins, and just like with Passion, I really did not manage to watch all parts of the crucifixion, it simply gets to intense and tough… Imagine what Jesus did so that I can live, and not only live, but live forever.

I am looking forward to watching the other episodes, as the next four episodes are already available to watch on the NBC website.

AD: The Bible is by the way a follow up to the original series named The Bible which was launched on the History Channel in 2013. I have not watched that series yet, but I guess that I will watch that as well, as soon as I get some more time!

Have you watched AD: The Bible? Did you like what you see? I pray that God will touch those who see it so that it will be much more than just a film, but something that will open their eyes for who Jesus really is, the Son of God, who died and rose again from the grave on the third day!

How to use Duplicator to move an entire WordPress page?

duplicatorIf you want to move an entire WordPress site from one server to another and from one server to another that has been like a mess for a long time. We have earlier written on using Search and Replace and moving websites with images, but using Duplicator you can save a lot of time and energy.

Duplicator is what the name says it is, a duplicator. What you first need to do is to download the Duplicator plugin to your WordPress site and then you need to open the plugin and create a package. That is easy and after a while you will see a screen where you can download the package to your computer, and then you will see installer. Download the installer.php and the package to your computer, and half the job is already done!

Duplicator, package and installer.php

What you now need to do is to launch your FTP-client and upload the .zip-package and the installer.php to the new server on which you want the new WordPress site to be. When you have uploaded these files you launch your browser and visit (replace with your actual address). As you open installer.php you will have to add you SQL data to make a connection, and then you just run the action and within some minutes you will have duplicated your entire site with images, links, settings, plugins and everything to a new server. And duplicator even updates all your links, meaning that your links and settings will be updated with your new address instead of the old one. Great stuff! :)

Good luck, and hope you have found this little guide useful!

Heading keyboard shortcuts not working in WordPress – Solution!

Have you problems with using the keyboard shortcuts for making headers in WordPress after updating to WordPress 4.2? I had as well, but now they have been fixed. What was causing the problem? What was the solution?
Wordpress 4 header keyboard shortcuts

For a long time I have made a text in WordPress and simply marked it with the mouse and pressed CTRL + 1 and it has turned into a header 1 tag at once. If I wanted a <h2> tag I simply pressed CTRL + 2 for this to happen. But, then suddenly after upgrading to WordPress 4.2 this stopped working and instead I jumped between the different tabs in my Firefox browser. What went wrong? I tried a lot; deactivated all my plugins, changed to the standard WordPress theme – nothing seemed to help. But, then I found the solution.

How to fix keyboard shortcuts not working in WordPress 4.2?

The solution is, at least if you want to make headers, to not use CTRL + number anymore, but instead you need to press a much more complicated combination of buttons: Shift + Alt + Number. If you want to know more about this, you simply open the Toolbar Toggle and press the question mark, and there you can see the updated and new shortcuts for WordPress editing in WordPress 4.2. But for the sake of making nice headers, you are now to use Shift + Alt + Number to create the header that you want to!

Hope this has helped you, and have fun blogging on! If this has helped you, please share it so others suffering from the same problem will find the solution, just like you just have!

Other keyboard shortcuts available in WordPress 4.2

Letter Action Letter Action
c Copy v Paste
a Select all x Cut
z Undo y Redo
b Bold i Italic
u Underline k Insert/edit link

The following shortcuts use different access keys: Alt + Shift + letter. Macintosh uses Ctrl + Alt + letter.

Letter Action Letter Action
1 Heading 1 2 Heading 2
3 Heading 3 4 Heading 4
5 Heading 5 6 Heading 6
n Check Spelling l Align Left
j Justify Text c Align Center
d Strikethrough r Align Right
u List a Insert/edit link
o 1. List s Remove link
q Quote m Insert Image
w Distraction-free writing mode t Insert More Tag
p Insert Page Break tag h Help
x Add/remove code tag

Focus shortcuts:

Alt + F8 Image toolbar (when an image is selected)
Alt + F9 Editor menu (when enabled)
Alt + F10 Editor toolbar
Alt + F11 Elements path

My page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likes

My page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likesHave your Facebook page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likes? Maybe you had a Facebook page dedicated to your blog, and suddenly you experienced that you lost 10-20-30-40-50 followers, in just a night? What happened?

In these days Facebook is doing what they call a serious clean up, and in this clean up process they are removing inactive users and their Facebook likes. In other words, you have not actually lost likes from active Facebook users, but you have lost likes from Facebook users who no longer exist. Maybe they have ceased to exist and therefore their Facebook account has been removed, or maybe they just deactivated their Facebook account to user their time more wisely instead, and since they do not manage to just use Facebook 5 minutes a day, it is either take care of Facebook by deactivating their accounts, or if not, Facebook will take care of you! So, such users who have deactivated their accounts will also have their Facebook page likes removed, so if you have lost quite a lot of Facebook likes recently, this is probably the reason!

If a user that once deactivated their Facebook account suddenly decides to activate their account over again, then their Facebook page likes will turn active again, and you will get their Facebook like of your page back!

Have fun!

Now it is even more important to make your website mobile friendly!

Not long ago I was outdoors and wanted to look for something on Google with my mobile phone. That is when I noticed something that I have not seen before, a little text added by Google to the search telling me if the site in the search result is mobile friendly.

You will see it on the screenshot further down that Google will now present this extra information to mobile users in their search results, meaning that websites which are mobile friendly will be marked as “Mobile-friendly” in search results, while sites not mobile friendly will just remain without the mobile friendly text.

If you have ever surfed the web with a mobile phone you will for sure know how annoying it is when you try to read a text on a website, but you spend all your time scrolling in all directions to be able to read one single sentence. And, if you have experienced that you will for sure enjoy the information Google now provides you, meaning that you will click the mobile friendly link on third place in the Google search results, instead of the first two results which are on sites that are not mobile friendly. In other words, it is more important than ever to make your website or blog mobile friendly.

Google shows mobile friendly sites

Yes, is a mobile friendly site!

Above you can see the results as I looked in Google for information on how to remove and find malware on your website. As my blog showed up in the search result it is listed as a mobile-friendly site, something I am happy for, and for sure tons of people searching Google for information.

But, how can you make your website or blog mobile friendly. If you are a WordPress user the number one answer is simply to pick a mobile friendly WordPress theme. That will solve the problem in a few seconds! If you use some other platform they will for sure have themes which are mobile friendly as well, and if you do the hard coding yourself you are probably so smart that you know how to make your website mobile friendly anyway!

Be alert and get good incoming links!

Good links coming from outsideIf you work as a webmaster you will for sure want more visitors to your website. One of the ways of getting visitors to your site is by gaining good incoming links from other websites referring to your site. This will give you traffic in two ways.

Good links referring to your website will bring visitors to your website in two different ways.

  1. It will cause people to press the link on the original site and thus they will end up at you site looking for further information on the subject your have written about.
  2. It will make Google consider your page an authority on the subject as other websites refer to yours, and thus it will cause your site to get a better Google ranking, meaning that you will get more visitors sent to your site from search engines such as Google and Bing.

But, how can you get good incoming links referring to your site? I have written some articles on this subject earlier, so look around in the blog for information on such articles, but in this article I simply want to share one single idea that may help you get some good incoming links and an improved ranking in search engines.

Stay alert and get good incoming links!

The idea I would like to share in this article is simply about staying alert and being really quick when something happens in the big world. I will not share ten thousand examples, but I will simply share how I used this personally a couple of years ago (without knowing about it), and how this really helped me. I currently live in Budapest and here I work with a website helping tourists coming to Budapest. I remember the people working at Budapest Airport suddenly went into a strike, and at once I wrote an article to the Budapest Guide with information about the strike. I kept the article fresh throughout the first day and the coming days of the strike, and in addition I wrote several new articles on the subject. I did not think of it then, but afterwards I noticed that many people came to the Budapest Guide for information on the subject and since the site was so updated with useful and fresh information on the matter they decided to refer to it from other blogs and websites, so that other travelers could come to the Budapest Guide for information on the strike. As I looked afterwards I saw sites with high Page Ranks who referred to the site, and all I had to do was to stay alert and keep the site updated with lots of useful information on the subject for a short amount of time.

How can you implement this on your website and blog? I do not know, but hopefully you will find it out. If you ask God to open doors and keep looking, you will for sure see some open doors within shortly!


Matthew 7:7-8
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.