How to import WordPress posts and images to new server?

export wordpress imagesHave you ever had a WordPress site, only to find out that you want to move the entire site to a new webserver. You can then of course use the Export and Import tool found in WordPress to do so, and it works great. There is only a slight problem, and that is the image files.

Because, as you do a post export and import to a new server, you import the posts with all the original data, meaning that the image links will all remain pointing in the direction of the old server. So, if you delete all files on the old server, and the entire website closes down, then all those links and images will suddenly stop to work, and that is a catastrophe. So, how can you easily and simply export your old WordPress site, import it to your new WordPress installation, and then make sure all images are moved to the new server and all image links are updated? Big question, huh?

Import WordPress installation with image files

Unfortunately there is no super easy way of doing this, but the first step is of course to export your data from the former WordPress installation to the new installation. After you have done so you open your new WordPress installation and import the data with attachments.

And now comes to funny part. Use a FTP manager to download all image files from the /wp-content/uploads/ directory. Download all files and then upload them in the /wp-content/uploads directory on the new server.

The last part is then to update all links, and this can best be done using the search and replace tool. Download the plugin and do first a search for the address of your former website address. Let us say that the former address was and the address of your new site it Now you simply tell the plugin to change all occasions of in your database to It is worth doing a database backup before doing this, because if you type something wrong it can hurt you a lot, and it can be very hard to fix it. So do a backup first, and after that change the address using Search and Replace.

Search and Replace - WordPress image import

After these steps you are ready to go, and you have successfully export and imported your WordPress site, including with images and with updated image URLs.

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ICanLocalize review

ICanLocalizeRecently we had some translation work that needed to be done related to some online projects, and looking for a place to get the translations done we bumped into ICanLocalize. Now a while down the road we are ready to write this review based on our experiences using ICanLocalize. Is ICanLocalize a good option if you have translation work that needs to be done?

ICanLocalize is a part of OnTheGoSystems, the group behind the popular WPML plugin for WordPress, a great tool if you want your WordPress site made available online in several languages. We are fans of the WPML plugin, but is the ICanLocalize service as good as the plugin?

ICanLocalize – our experience

On the day we registered for ICanLocalize we immediately created two projects that we wanted to translate to Finnish and Dutch (from English). We create the project and made them public, and within 30 minutes we had offers from one/one translator who wanted to do the translation. The minimum price is 0,09USD per word at ICanLocalize, and we offered almost exactly that. In the system we checked up on reviews made by earlier clients of the translators, and based on those we accepted both translators and gave them the job. They both had a 48 hours deadline (which we added to the project). The translator we used to get the document translated to Dutch (1000 words) had the translation done within 6 hours and the Finnish translator did the job within 24 hours. It is possible for a 50% higher price to add the “professional review” function to the translation,, meaning that another translator will review the job done by the first translator before you get the final work, but we skipped that in both cases.

Since we know some guys in the Netherlands we sent them the translation made to Dutch to make them take a look at it, and their response was that is was a good and solid translation. At the moment we have had no way of controlling the Finnish translation, but hopefully that will run with the same quality!

ICanLocalize – negatives

We were very satisfied with the translations, but there are still some negatives to ICanLocalize. The biggest problem, that almost scared us away before we even started… the messy language at the ICanLocalize site. It is a disaster that a site dealing with translations should be that messy, but it is. Some examples:

1) As we create a new project we often end up at a site where the language is 100% in German. This does not happen all the time, but very often.
ICanLocalize review2) As we created a new project and added our information there suddenly came some Spanish sentences into the translation

These were just some minor bugs, but they were annoying in the start and almost scare us away. As we now try to recall such errors they sometimes show up, but not always. So, be prepared, but hopefully these errors will be gone by the time you register and try ICanLocalize yourself.

ICanLocalize – positives

  • There are lots of things we like about this service. It is quick and it is personal, as you can personally write messages and communicate with your translator. You can publish a translation project and choose from translators applying to your project, meaning that you can pick the one you believe to be the best. If you have once found a translator you like you can make him a favorite and send future projects directly to the translator, making them your permanent translator in the future (very useful if you are satisfied).
  • Another advantage is that it is quick. Since you communicate directly with the translator and set a time limit as you create a project, you will not have to wait for weeks for the project to be published and started, but if you are in a hurry, you can release a project and set the translation deadline in 24 hours. Only translators willing to do the job in such a hurry will apply, and you will get the job done.
  • The review function is also very useful, making sure that if you are in need of a great translation of high quality and without typos and grammar mistakes, this will guarantee that.
  • Let us not forget… ICanLocalize is cheap compared to large translations offices. You can do most translations at a price of 0,09USD per word, which is an amazing price. Most translation companies have normal rates, and if you are in a hurry they add some heavy costs to get the translation done even faster. Here you set the price and the translators run to you to get the job done!

ICanLocalize review conclusion

ICanLocalize is a solid product which will help you get the translation work done easily. They also have functions making it possible to directly translate from within WordPress, meaning that you do not even have to really visit their site. There are lots of options and ways in which this can be done, so just read more on the ICanLocalize site if you want some more high tech translation, instead of the typical Word-document translation.

ICanLocalize website

Check this out for yourself and if you have thoughts on ICanLocalize or an experience that you would like to share, write a comment!


How to translate documents and websites easily online in a cheap way?

Do you have a website, a product, an application or something else that you would like to translate to another language? A new language, a translation, can be what opens up a whole new world and a new country to you and your business, so it can greatly influence your business income. But, where can I translate documents and websites easily online in a cheap way?

Translating websites and documents easily and cheap

Get your documents and websites translated easily and in a cheap way online!

There are several options, but a very good option that works good is a service named ICanLocalize. It was made by the team creating the WPML, a great tool for creating multilingual WordPress sites. We have tested the service ourselves, and it works fine and as we tried to translate about 1000 words to two different languages we had both translation delivered within less than 48 hours and the price was about 100 USD per translation. That is quite a competitive price, especially considering the speed on the translation. We skipped this with our translations, but there is an option which will make your text reviewed as well, before you have it delivered back to you. If you have a document that needs to be 100% perfect, the review part can be very useful!

ICanLocalizeThere are more than 40 languages to which you can translate documents using this service, so it is very easy and quick to get your project translated to tens of languages. You also have the chance to review translators, and only translators with good reviews are allowed to actually translate inside the system.

If you want to visit the site and check this out for yourself, then visit ICanLocalize, register (for free) and check out if you like the system. You should of course be prepared that it takes some minutes to get a grip on the page and the system, especially since there seems to be some troubles with the languages of the menus and buttons, but once you get a grip on it, it is easy to use, even though you will often meet both German and Spanish words and menus in the English version of the site.


Your Sitemap is HTML error in Google Webmaster Tools

Recently I had a problem occurring which really annoyed me. I used Yoast SEO plugin on several websites and used the plugin to create my sitemaps. It worked perfectly on a lot of sites, but then suddenly I got the error message “Your Sitemap is HTML.”

I then saved the Sitemap settings in the Yoast SEO plugin and resubmitted it, but nothing helped. Even more annoying was the fact that as I visited the Sitemap itself using the link from the Google Webmasters tool it worked perfectly, but still – Google Webmasters tool did not want to accept my perfect and beautifully working sitemap. Do you have a similar problem?

How I got rid of “Your Sitemap is HTML”

Your Sitemap is HTMLThere are several things that can be done to fix this, but in this article I will simply share what was the error in my case and what I did to get rid of the “Your Sitemap is HTML” error. As you might know it is smart to use a cache plugin on your WordPress site, to make sure that the data is sent on to the viewers as soon as possible. I used a plugin named Quick Cache and that was what caused the problems for me. I therefore deactivated the Quick Cache plugin and then I went to the SEO settings and the Sitemap settings and saved them again. Now I entered Google Webmasters tool and resubmitted my sitemap. And guess what, no more error message, just the fact that it was working and everything perfect. And, since it worked, I activated the Quick Cache plugin again and now it is all just fine.

That was the solution for me. Maybe it will work for you, or maybe it will not, but at least it is worth a try if you have a cache plugin that might cause you some problems and make Webmaster Tools not accept your sitemap.

How to get Google Analytics statistics sent to your emailaddress?

It can be time demanding to always visit the Google Analytics website to get fresh statistics. It can therefore be time saving to get those statistics sent regularly to your email address with the latest and most important numbers. But, how to you get Google Analytics statistics sent to your email address?

It is quite easy to get statistics from Google Analytics sent to your email address. The most important now is that you login to your Google Analytics account and we will take it step to step from there.

Google Analytics statistics sent to your email address

When you are inside the Google Analytics panel you should start by going to Admin (upper right corner). You will now see several options in the panel, and one of those is Reporting. By default you will arrive to the “Audience” option. Let us say that you want to get the Audience Overview statistics sent to your email address by default once a week. To do that take a look just below the menu bar, and there you will see “Email.”

Audience Overview statistics to my email from Google Analytics

Once you click a window will popup where you can ask for the statistics to be sent to your email address, and you can set options on how often you want it to come, on what day of the week you want it to come and of course to what email address it should arrive.

If you want to get some other statistics sent to your email from Google Analytics, then visit the site you are interested in and ask for an email with those statistics.

Customizing a Google Analytics email report

If you want a different report sent to your email than what the standard reports provided by Google Analaytics offer, you can visit the Customization area (next to Reporting in the menu bar.) There you can go ahead and create a new custom report with your requested information and statistics found in it.

Setting up a custom report will require some insight and some time, because you need to understand all the different data and opportunities in it.

Good luck and enjoy getting your Google Analytics statistics sent to your email address regularly.

How to change certain text on your entire WordPress site?

Not long ago I had a big renovation to do on one of my WordPress sites. Imagine you have a sites with tons of pages and posts, and all of them have a link pointing in the wrong direction. You can of course redirect the link, but since you loose some SEO using Redirect 301, the best is if you can make sure the link point in the right direction from minute 1.

Bulk changing links in WordPress

I had hundreds of links pointing to the following address (just example):

Now, I wanted to change all those links to point to the following address:

I could of course manually change the link at every single page, but that would be a nightmare and take way to much time. So, what did I do to fix the problem?

Bulk changing of links in WordPress

How to change lots of links with one move in WordPress

Bulk changing WordPress text

To fix the problem I used a free WordPress plugin named Search and Replace. It is a very little plugin, though with great power, in fact it can be a bit dangerous if you do some mistakes. But, it is powerful and it gave me a solution which made the entire operation of changing all those link addresses in less than 30 seconds. So, to use this plugin you need to download it and activate it. You can later find it under Tools in WordPress. Take a look at the instructions, and first search for the text you would like to change. If you have done that, and you get it confirmed that it finds the text, then you can go for the big step: Search and Replace.

I made a backup of my WordPress database before doing this, just to make sure that a disaster would not take place in case I made a mistake, or something should happen. I never needed to use that backup, but it felt safe having it in the background.

That was it! It saved me lots of time and also around 50USD, as I almost bought another plugin that was more complicated, but that would still do the work. However, the search and replace plugin turned out to be much more efficient, easy to use and cheaper. So, check it out if you have the same challenge that I had.

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God should have all the glory – Lesson from 2 Samuel 24.

Lesson from 2 Samuel 24The Bible is filled with interesting passages, and one example of such a passage can be found in 2 Samuel 24. There is much to learn in this passage, but first of all I believe that God is teaching David a lesson about glory.

Some people might find this article because they look for an answer to a question concerning the first verse in 2 Samuel 24. Many people claim and believe that the Bible contradicts itself. If you are curious about the contradiction, I recommend that you read the following article which is truly interesting.

As you read through the chapter you will see that David wants to count the number of fighters in Israel. The reason was clearly that they were all spread around, and he wanted to find out how many warriors he actually had all in all in his troops. This might seem very innocent, but the Bible clearly states that there was a problem with this situation, and the problem was the attitude of David.

David had a problem with his attitude

Imagine that you have money spread all around in banks all across the world, online and everywhere. It could be very interesting to sum it all up to find out how much you actually have. And in fact, there is nothing wrong with having an overview. That can be said about David’s situation as well. The problem was something else. David did not sum up his warriors to get an overview, he wanted to count his warriors to bring glory to himself and his own leadership. After all such a great army is for sure the result of an awesome leader. And that is the root of the problem. David’s goal was not to count his warriors to give God glory for his magnificent work, but it was about bringing the honor to himself. God did not like this attitude at all, and that is why God in verse 1 allowed such a thought of counting the warriors even occur on the mind of David.

Counting your money

As you do business it is useful and recommended to have an overview showing your different accounts and the current status of your business. But, when you count your money, amount of employees and results, make sure to do so to bring glory to God for the results he has given you. After all, that might be the most important lesson we can learn from 2 Samuel 24.

How to remove “Comments are currently closed” from WordPress blogs?

If you have a WordPress blog you have probably noticed that there is a chance to turn on and to turn off the chance of commenting on your articles. However, when you disable comments you often do it because you want this entire comment thing to get lost, and then the last thing you want is the “Comments are currently closed” text to show up instead. So, what can you do to get rid of this text?

remove comments are closed

Find out how to remove the Comments are closed text from your WordPress blog

To get rid of the Comments are Currently Closed text you need to take a few steps that might seem scary if you are a beginner, but they are really easy and should not cause any danger to your or your blog. Just follow these steps and there is an 80% chance that these instructions will help you get rid of the comments are currently closed message. The reason there is only an 80% chance is that some themes hide their codes better than others and make it much harder to get rid of such messages, but in general this is very easy and hopefully these instructions will help you to delete the message.

Remove “Comments are currently closed” from your WordPress blog

To remove the text, follow these steps:

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard
  • Press Appearance and Editor
  • Make sure that the theme you are using is selected (upper right corner)
  • Look for comments.php in the menu on the right showing all files available.
  • Inside your comments.php file look for the text: “Comments are closed”.
    The text is often surrounded with a description telling you that this will show up whenever comments are disabled. Write another text instead of Comments are Closed, or simply remove the text. Make sure not to remove anything more than exactly that given text, because if you by coincidence delete more than just the text it might have a fatal influence on your blog. So, just the text, and nothing else. It can be smart to make a backup before, even though this should be an easy step.
  • Remove the Comments are Closed text and save. It should be working now.
Comments are closed

Here you can see an example from comments.php where you can see the “Comments are Closed” text

Above you can see an example of what the Comments Are Closed text might look like. As you can see there are two ‘ ‘ on both sides of the text. Again we must say that it is important that you leave those, and only delete the actual Comments Are Closed text and nothing else.

Good luck and hope this will help you. If it has helped you, why not sign up for our newsletter for more similar helpful articles in the future, or maybe write a comment to say thank you?

Small changes may have big consequences!

littleHappy new year everyone, and hope you will enjoy my first blog post in 2014! This year I did not have any resolutions for the new year really, except from maybe drinking less Coke in 2014.

Earlier today I worked with one of my blogs and opened it on my mobile phone. I then realized that the logo was “no respsonsive,” meaning that my mobile friendly website wasn’t really that mobile friendly, since I had to scroll to the right to see the full logo. There is a code I normally add to the style.css file to fix this problem, and I had already added it to that blog, so I had no clue why it showed up in the wrong way. I copied and pasted the code several times, but it did not work. After a while I compared the code to another blog I run, which had the same code added to style.css and that is when I saw the problem. It was a minor problem, in fact it was a }. Do you get it? One } to much was added before the code I added in the style.css to fix the problem, and because of that little “mistake” the code following did not work at all. As I noticed the problem I removed the } and after saving I reloaded the page, and everything worked!

Small change – Big consequence!

When we want to change areas in our lives we often aim at doing those big changes. From tomorrow I will run 30 minutes every day, I will not eat more chocolate, I will pray 1 hour before eating breakfast and so on. To make such decisions can be very useful, but it is important not to look down on those minor changes that might bring big results in the future. Just like the little } had big influence on the look of my website, a small change might influence your life in an enormous way. Maybe there are some small changes you could make today, that will impact you greatly in the future?

Who dares despise the day of small things…

How to remove automatic featured images from blog posts and pages?

Featured images can be really useful and one of our favorite plugins in WordPress is Easy Add Thumnbails. This plugin will take a picture that you add to an article and automatically add it as a featured image to a post, saving you much time and energy. In addition it will automatically add featured images to old articles.

But, there is one thing that can be very annoying, and that is when your WordPress theme automatically add a featured image to your blog posts or blog pages. Maybe you want your image placed to the right in the start of the article, and that is nice, but in addition your theme adds your featured image in the start of the article centered. That is not so cool, and that is why I simply want to answer in this article how to remove automatic featured images from blogs posts and pages. It might feel a bit technical, but it is really simple and easy, so just follow these steps!

Remove featured images from blog pages

I am writing this because I just added a page to this blog and then I noticed that the featured image was automatically added, and I wanted to get rid of it. Here are the steps I made to get rid of the featured image.

  1. Press Appearance and Editor.
  2. Make sure that your current theme is the one set to edit (by default it opens the theme you are currently using).
  3. Look for file page.php to edit and open it.
    1. Some themes do not add the featured image code to page.php, so for example in the theme we are currently using on HowToBlogInfo we have to open the file content-page.php
remove featured image from WordPress theme

Do you see the sinner? The arrow is pointing in the direction of the code that needs to be removed to get rid of the auto added featured image from your WordPress theme.

If you take a look at the picture above you will see the code which tells the theme to automatically display the featured image on WordPress pages. To get rid of the featured image you simply need to take the following line and remove it. You can of course remove the entire PHP code as well, but removed the code on display is more than enough.

Remove the following code from your source code
<div><?php the_post_thumbnail(‘full-width’); ?></div>

Remove featured images from blog posts

To remove featured images from blog posts you just follow the same steps, but you need to remove the code from either single.php or in the theme current here on HowToBlogInfo it would be content-single.php. This might differ from theme to theme, but in general these steps should be enough to solve the problem for you, hopefully!

Good luck, and please let us know if this article has blessed you!