God’s Not Dead review

Gods Not Dead review

It has been a while since I watched God’s Not Dead, but since I recently started writing short reviews of (Christian) films I have seen, I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on God’s not dead as

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My little Do You Believe? review

Do You Believe review

Not long ago I watched Grace Unplugged and wrote a short review of that film and now I just finished watching Do You Believe?. Here I will wrap up my thoughts around the film, so keep on reading for my

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Organo Gold and Black Friday

black friday and organo gold

Black Friday will be here in only three days and as someone who love a good cup of Organo Gold organic tea with Ganoderma Lucidum I would be very happy if they would run some big discounts on products ordered

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My little Grace Unplugged review

Grace Unplugged review

Yesterday I finished reading Eve and wrote my review, and this night I could not sleep for different reasons so I ended up watching Grace Unplugged on Netflix instead. I had heard about the film and seen the trailer before,

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