The Kalvin square in Budapest

Kalvin square in Budapest
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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Ferenciek square in Budapest. Not far from that square you can find the Kalvin square. They are both places you will most likely visit while in Budapest, without actually spending too much time at them.

Kalvin square in Budapest

Kalvin square in Budapest

At the picture above, you can see a panorama shot of the Kalvin square. I just have to say, no trams in Budapest look like the one at the picture above. Since the tram moved during the time I made the panorama shot, it got a really weird shape, reminding me of the small and cute trams in Lisbon. The reality is, the trams in Budapest are much bigger and not at all as cute as the one at the picture.

While the Ferenciek square is named after the Franciscan church at the square (which again is named after St. Francis), the Kalvin square is named after the Kalvin church (reformed church) at the square, which is named after John Calvin. He was the big reformer of the 16th century together with Martin Luther, and the reformed church is the second largest denomination in Hungary today (after the Catholics).

Besides the church, you can find a large hotel at the square, the entrance to the popular restaurant street Raday utca, quite a lot of restaurants, stores, and some big office buildings. Next to the square you can also find the Hungarian national museum!


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