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Textmaster review
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Recently I have had the chance to test Textmaster.com for different purposes. I have used Textmaster to translate lots of documents and also to copywrite new articles. Here is my Textmaster.com review.

As a blogger you are in constant need of creating content. But, you do not only need to create content, but you will often also have a need to get content translated to other languages. Personally I write and blog in both Norwegian and English, but I have websites that I work with which exist in Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish Dutch, German, Spanish and French. That makes translation help something I need almost all the time and a few years ago I therefore wrote an article about ICanLocalize, a service I have used frequently to help me with translations.

But, as a good businessman you do not have to get stuck with one service, but you are always eager to look for new services that might be just as good or better, but at the same time cheaper. That is how I stumbled onto Textmaster before Christmas, and since then I have done more than 40 projects on the portal. This Textmaster review is therefore based on the different projects I have launched on the portal since then.

Textmaster review

What is Textmaster?

Textmaster is a website located at www.textmaster.com. At the website you can register for free and the website is looking nice and very easy to use. To get started you need to add funds to your account and this can be done easily using your VISA/MasterCard or for example PayPal. Once you have added money to your account you can start creating your first project.

[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”MAY 2017 UPDATE”]Textmaster has removed their BASIC translation offer. That was by far the cheapest option, and with this removed, I will personally stop using Textmaster and will use other translation sites instead.[/stextbox]

The different Textmaster projects and prices

At Textmaster you can get help with the following activities:

  • Translation
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading

All of these activities are available at different price levels. If you decide to have a document translated to one of the big languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch) then there are three price levels to choose from. The same is true for copywriting and proofreading as well. The basic level is extremely cheap and will have a novice translator/writer do the job for you. For translation like this the price is  $0.033 per word, which is equal to nothing, at least compared to other translation services online. In the same way you can have proofreading and copywriting done extremely cheap if you find the basic level to be enough.

I have given this a try several times and later I have had the work controlled by outsiders. I have been positively surprised almost all the time so if you only need a translation to be done with “blog-quality”, then this basic level is normally enough.

If you decide to go for the standard level the translation price is $0.066 per word. This is exactly the double of the basic level. In this case the translation job will be done by an experienced translator. According to Textmaster this is the translation level most people require.

There is one higher level which is called the enterprise level. This is a document for those not only wanting a high quality translation, but in order to do the job research is needed to be done by the actual translator. The price in this case is at the moment $0.154 per word.

Proofreading the translated documents

Whenever you have a document translated or written you can decide to have it proofread later. If you want to include extra proofreading at once after having a document translated the price for this is + $0.044 per word. You can of course disable this function, but you should also notice that the function is only available if you have a translation job done at standard or at enterprise level.

My personal experience with Textmaster

As I mentioned I have already used Textmaster for more than 40 projects. I have mostly used Textmaster.com for translation work, but I have also had articles written in several different languages. Based on my personal experience I can say that I am really satisfied. It is of course hard to check up on the work of a translator or copywriter working with a language that you can not actually control yourself, but whenever I have had people checking the quality they have been very positive. Since I have been using the basic level most of the time they say that it can be seen that the work has been done by someone not professional, but I guess whoever read my blog posts have the same feeling, so that isn’t a big problem for me.

Compared to for example ICanLocalize it is quite a lot cheaper and the website is much easier to use. You might not get this good personal contact with your translators, but you can still save translators as favorites so that you can use them again later in case you were satisfied. Creating the projects is also very easily and Textmaster automatically count the amount of words in documents you add for translation. This is also a great help!

Using Textmaster to translate to “stranger” languages

As I mentioned using Textmaster to translate to Italian, Spanish, German and other world languages is both easy and cheap. If you however need to more seldom languages like for example Norwegian the only option existing is Enterprise. That is however quite expensive, and in such cases it is better to use a service like ICanLocalize. But, as long as the languages you are working with are among the big world languages I believe that Textmaster is among the cheapest and the best options available online!

What is your experience with Textmaster?

Have you tested Textmaster? What has your experience been like? Feel free to write a short Textmaster review in the comment field beneath to share your experience, both positive and negative!


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