Should everyone attend a local church?


You might be a leader, a businessman or a preacher travelling the world to share the good news. Still it is strange how people sometimes think that as your wisdom, power and influence grow, you need of a local church disappear. How wrong!

Our society is suffering from a lack of role models and good examples. Unfortunately it is not only our society that lacks leaders and good examples, but also our churches. As people grow in influence and wisdom, they often draw back from church and mind their own stuff and businesses instead. What a disaster! The church is in desperate need of role models, leaders with experience in the sacred and the secular world, who can show the way and inspire the rest of the church to live right and to follow God. But if the business leaders and people of influence only invest in their own businesses and not into a local church, they will never be able to make disciples and to teach what they know to a young generation of believers desperately looking for role models to follow.

Leaders also need a local church

Bill Hybels is famous for saying: “The local church is the hope of the world.” Are you a part of a local church and a part of making the hope of the world visible in your city and nation? Are you teaching others what you have learned? Do you have a church where you can both give and receive?

You gotta read this one!
I recently read an amazing article named Why Go To Church? It was written by Duke Taber and I must admit that as I read it I couldn’t stop smiling, saying “Amen” and wondering why I didn’t come up with such a brilliant article myself. Make sure to read it all the way to the end because the 10 excuses listed for not attending church is simply awesome reading!

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