How to share to Google+ using Buffer?

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We recently wrote an article about how to user Buffer. If you have tried it yourself, you may have asked yourself the question how to share to Google+ from Buffer?

Once you want to sign into and add social media profiles to Buffer you will see a picture like this:
Sign up for Buffer services

Maybe you have read that you should be able to share to Google+ pages as well, but based on this screen it is not possible. Well, this is how we fixed it and made it possible to share to Google+ pages easily. Make sure that you are signed into your Buffer account, and once you are signed in, press the following link:

Once you have pressed the link you should see a different screen next time you visit the screen where you can add new social media profiles to Buffer, so hopefully it will look something like this the next time you try to add a profile to Buffer.
Share to Google+ on Buffer

Hope this will solve your problem. Be aware of the fact that you are only allowed to share to Google+ pages, and not profiles, so if you want to share to your profile, you will have to do that manually, all by yourself!

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