How to setup a VPN on a router?

Would you like to setup a VPN on a router? There are millions of routers out there and millions of VPNs. Here is a simple guide which might serve as an example!

It can be very convenient to have a VPN running from your router, because all your traffic going through the router will be encrypted and it will also seem to origin from another IP address than your original IP address. This is extremely useful if you want to watch online content unavailable at your current destination, but available in another for example. So, you want to setup a VPN on your router. How is it done? First of all you will need a VPN connection and a router that you have access to and that you can configure. I recommend using HideMyAss VPN for this purpose, so I recommend that you start by visiting their website and signing up for their services at once.


HideMyAss has servers in almost all nations of the world, so they can make you virtually reside in almost any country in the world. In addition they have a 30 day full refund policy in case you should not be satisfied and want your money back!

I have the VPN, but how to setup the VPN on my router?

Now that you have a VPN subscription you will need to setup the VPN on a router. If you use HideMyAss they have loads of setup guides available on their website telling you how to configure their services on different routers. Personally based on trying this and that I am really enjoying running a VPN on an ASUS RT N12 router. This is a very cheap router, but very easy to use! You can check out its prices and buy it online using the links beneath.

If you have this router just connect it to your already existing router using an ethernet cable, making sure that you have two WiFi networks available at home. Then you can switch between the networks based on if you want to surf using the VPN router or surf using the other router.

How to setup VPN on router – step by step

The steps I describe here will tell you how to setup HideMyAss VPN on the Asus RT N12 router. If you have a different router or a different VPN subscription, check out with your VPN provider or with your router, but if you want an easy job, go for HideMyAss and this router, and you can be ready to go within a few minutes.

  • First connect to your going to be VPN router using WiFi or Ethernet cable.
  • Visit and use admin as both username and password (these are the standard values for this router).
  • Run the Easy Internet Setup and let the router setup your Internet connection.
  • Now make a quick test to see if the Internet is actually working. Surf the net, check your email or something like that! If everything works, move on!
  • Press VPN in the menu on the left side.
  • Select VPN Client from the menu on the top of the site.
  • Select Add Profile.
  • Choose L2TP (not PPTP) from the top of the pop up screen.
  • Give the connection a name (you decide freely)
  • Visit HideMyAss server list here (you need to have a valid subscription to visit the site). Find a server in the nation you want, or a random server in a nation and add it to the VPN server. Ex:
  • Username: enter your HideMyAss username
  • Password: enter the password that you can find on the same page as the server list.
  • Now you can save and enable the connection!

If you have followed these steps you now have a VPN router running with HideMyAss and all traffic going through this router will be encrypted and seem to origin from the nation in which the server you are connecting to exists.

This is useful if you want to use your Apple TV in another nation, if you want to use a Chromecast abroad, use laptops, mobiles and tablets abroad, or if you simply want more security and protect your online identity in a better way.

Want to know more about how to setup a VPN on a router?

If you want more information on how to setup a VPN on a router check out the detailed description coming with your router or have a chat with the people who provide you with a VPN subscription. You can also write a comment here, but I can not at all guarantee that I can be of any help!


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