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The Oath reviewA long time ago I remember reading some Frank Peretti books and I really enjoyed them. Since then 15 years have passed and as I just got myself a Kindle I thought about what kind of book to read. Frank Peretti came to my mind and I bought myself the Kindle version of The Oath. Here you can find my little The Oath review.

Yesterday I finished the book and I must admit that in the end it was hard to leave my Kindle behind and do something else, because I was really obsessed with the book and wanted to read every single minute until I was finished! In other words, I was really caught up with the story and what made the book even better was its message, which was kind of hidden throughout 90% of the book!

Because, when Frank Peretti writes a book he does not only amuse you, but he always teach throughout the story, especially on the importance of prayer and living close to God.

In The Oath the main concept is a city which back in time decided to let sin rule and as a door is opened to the devil and to sin, it comes in and takes full control of its surroundings. You might ignore it and  believe everything is in order, but in fact this is the purpose of sin very often, to make you believe that it does not exist and that it does not influence you. As you read The Oath you will understand this more and more as the story goes on and as the main character named Steve Benson tries to fight the beast that killed his brother and that keeps all the inhabitants of Hyde River in terror!

According to my Kindle the average person uses about 13 hours to read this book, and let me tell you that once you get hooked on the story, you can easily do all that reading without stop, almost!

Do you want to read The Oath? You can find it on Amazon.com.

The next book coming up is Eve, written by Paul Young, the writer who also made The Shack. I first read his book The Shack which I liked a lot. Then came Cross Roads which lots of people bought because they liked The Shack, but which was harder to read and I know many people read the first chapters and stopped, because they did not really get the story. I read it all the way and liked it, but not at all as much as I liked The Shack. But, what about Eve? Time will show!

What does your The Oath review sound like?

Have you read it? Did you like it? Please write a comment and share your thoughts on this Frank Peretti book.

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