How to make the Wordpress login screen show up in the design of your theme?


As long as you only use your WordPress login screen yourself, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like. But, if you create a forum at your website and open up for user registration you might want to make the WordPress login screen show up in the design of your theme.

If you do nothing, the login screen in WordPress will look something like this.Wordpress login screen

This is quite boring and in a way it will look very unprofessional if you have a site on some special topic and people need to watch this screen to be able to register as a new user or request a password reset or so on. The question is therefore how you can change this login screen easily. There are tons of ways in which this can be done, and there are lots of blog posts on this topic out there, but in this post I simply want to point out one way which in a very easy way will change the way your login screen look. It will not only change it, it will make it a natural part of your design, thus people will not even meet the WordPress logo, but the login and register new user screen will seem 100% like a natural part of your website.

Make the WordPress login/register new user site a natural part of your site

The easiest way to do this is of course when you do not have to change any settings or edit any coding yourself. As I was looking for plugins that could help me with this I stumbled unto Theme My Login. What this plugin does is that it makes a new address on which users can register and login to your WordPress site and these are made part of your natural design. After installing and activating the plugin you will experience that the next time you visit your wp-admin directly to login, you will be forwarded to another address in which the “new design” can be found. In the same way you can open /lostpassword or /register to register a new user or get your password sent to you in an email. The great thing is that all of this happens automatically, all you need to do is to download and activate the plugin. After activating it, take a look at how the new login screen looks.

new login screen in WordPress

The login screen and register new user screen looks like a natural part of my WordPress design.

This is easy and has the ability to really improve the look and feeling of your webdesign. Try it yourself! If you have any other ideas, plugins or thoughts on this subject, just write a comment!

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