How to get smiley faces in WhatsApp on iPhone?

Smileys in Whatsapp
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smiley faces in WhatsApp on iPhoneI recently got a question from a family member who just get an iPhone (after a long time with Android phone) and WhatsApp was installed at once. But, to her shock the smiley faces were gone and could not be used. So the question was therefore, how to get smiley faces in WhatsApp on iPhone?

It is luckily very easy to get those smiley faces added to WhatsApp on your iPhone, but in general this is not a setting just to get smiley faces to WhatsApp, but this is about the fact that you need to add a new keyboard to your iPhone, the so called Emoji keyboard. This can be done following these steps:

Add Smileys to WhatsApp on iPhone

  • Enter Settings
  • Enter General
  • Enter Keyboards
  • Add New Keyboard
  • Add Emoji (the name of the keyboard)

Once this is added you can open WhatsApp again, and in the bottom of the application you will now find the chance to add smiley faces, also known as emoticons to WhatsApp.

That is it and you are now ready to send WhatsApp messages using emoticons and smiley faces! Have fun!

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