How to get a UK Payment Card outside the UK?

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Do you need a payment card issued in the UK? Would you like to pay for a streaming service that can only be paid for using a bank card issued by a bank in England? How can it be done?

I just bumped into a comment written by someone who wanted to watch ITV outside England. They used a VPN to access the content, and it worked well, but in the moment they wanted to pay for the ITV Hub subscription that would make the content commercial free, they were stopped. Why? ITV Hub+ can only be paid for using a payment card issued in England.

This is just one example, but there are lots of other TV stations, streaming services, and similar services that require you to have a payment card issued in the UK.

Get a payment card in the UK

How to get a UK Payment Card?

It is very easy to get such a card, and the solution is TransferWise. This is a brilliant banking service with its headquarter in the UK. It is a fantastic service that will let you transfer money across borders for much lower fees than normal banks offer. In addition, they will also let you get your very own bank account in those given nations, meaning that you can easily get a working bank account in the UK, in Germany, in Hungary, in Norway, in Sweden, and in lots of other nations. And what makes it even cooler, once you have money on your account, you can ask for the TransferWise bank card which you can get delivered to you in post for free within a couple of days.

And guess what, the MasterCard that you will be given by TransferWise is issued in the UK, meaning that you can use it easily to pay for services in the UK (and elsewhere in the world).

I have been using TransferWise for a couple of months myself, and I am really happy about it. I have bank accounts operating in several nations, and it is so easy and convenient, and I have also used my TransferWise card to pay for the ITV Hub+ subscription (I just wanted to test that it actually works).

Do you get it? It is super easy, and it is much cheaper than your normal banking service. If you regularly transfer money between bank accounts in different nations you will also discover quickly that it is even cheaper to do so using TransferWise.

How much does it cost to register with TransferWise?

It doesn’t cost you a dime. It is completely free to register for a TransferWise account, and once you have gone through the registration process you can select which currencies you want to use with your account. Once you have selected the currencies, you will have access to your local bank account numbers in those currencies and you can start by transferring money to those accounts right away.

You can also add funds to your account immediately by adding money using your current credit card. When you have money in the account, you will be able to claim your debit card (for free), and you can start using it once you receive it in the mail a couple of days later.

You still haven’t paid anything for the service, and especially since you can add funds to your account using your credit card without any additional fees if you use the link above!

It is completely free to receive money to your account (as you transfer them from other accounts). They will charge small fees if they have to convert one currency to another, but their fees are still cheaper than your local bank.

Are you ready to get your UK Payment Card?

Follow these instructions and get your local payment card in England in a short time.

If you have any comments or questions, use the comment field beneath!

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