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A blog without colors is boring, no matter how good the content is. Luckily we are not created with the same talents which again means for some of us designing, drawing and illustrating is a nightmare. If you are such a person, where can you go to find good pictures and illustrations for your blog?

illustrations for blogsThere are some sites online offering free illustrations and clipart to their visitors, but most sites with good quality require some sort of payment. Here we will describe some different options and I am sure that these sites will help you make your blog colorful and help you illustrate your articles with good illustrations, pictures, photos and more.

One last thing before continuing… even if you are a terrible drawer, painter and illustrator, do not forget that people often find poor drawings and illustrations cool. Be yourself, and people will love you for it. If you write an article about Winnie the Pooh, why not try to draw him yourself. It will probably look terrible, but if people find it funny they might even share it on social networks, which is the best thing that can happen to your article. They will also get the feeling of getting to know you more, which has a very good effect on a blogger and the community around the blog.

Site for free illustrations, images and clipart

SXC – This was an amazing site earlier, before it was sold to Getty Images. It still has some free images, clipart and illustrations available, but not the best anymore. When doing a search for images be aware of the fact that the pictures you need to pay for will be listed on the top of the search results, and the free pictures (listed as pictures from can be found further down on the page.

IClipart – This is a great site, but you need to pay a little bit for it. Once payment is done you will be able to download tons of clipart ready to use for your site, most of them available at a very high resolution. In the basic subscription you can also download some photos and photo objects, but these have a max width of 600 pixels in the normal subscription (this is normally for than enough for an Internet blog). Warmly recommended

Pinterest – Maybe you haven’t though of Pinterest as a great place to find illustrations and images for your blog, but it is. Look around at Pinterest and search for content. Once you find it, look at the right side of the image where you will find the embed option. Copy the code given and paste it to your blog, and you have a wonderful illustration added with all the necessary credits in the code already.

Fotolia – If you need high resolutions photos this is one of the best sites. Here you can find on all kinds of topics, including blogging, SEO, social media and typical blogger topics. You can add credits and buy pictures in that way, or make a subscription which allow you to download a certain amount of images a month. Will cost you some bucks if you plan to use it a lot, but in return you get high quality pictures, photos and illustrations for your website.

These were some options that will help you get started with adding great clipart, illustrations and photos to your blog. If you have any other options that you recommend to our visitors, just share it in a comment to this article!

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