Good and bad distractions

Good and bad distractions
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Distraction is a diversion from your initial purpose. This is when your attention is shifted from your original focus to something else. Most times we see distraction as negative. But sometimes distraction makes sense.

I could term distraction negative when the new focus would produce a bad outcome. Human development expert warned that distraction is one killer of vision (Proverbs 4:25, Philippians 3:13-14, Hebrews 12: 1-2). These Bible passages attest to the need to do away with distraction. However, we need to be sensitive to the voice of God among other distracting and diverting voices.

Good and bad distractions

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Think about it! Nobody likes a distraction when we’re on an appointment. Or when we have the conviction of our decision. This is because most times, we’ll spend more time, energy, and money to achieve the same goal. Though some of these distractions may not make sense to us. But when God is involved, distraction makes sense.

Let’s look at two bible examples of when distraction makes sense. First a call to Paul from Macedonia (Acts 16:6-10),  a distraction of Paul’s missionary journey. We saw Paul had his missionary journey’s plans, but a distraction from God changed that. Second, Jairus invited Jesus to his home because of his daughter (Mark 5:25-34). However, an event punctured the journey along the way by the woman with the issue of blood. These two narratives show how distraction can be a blessing. Thus, the two instances brought glory to God and the concerned people.

A personal experience when distraction made sense

Recently, I had an experience when distraction made sense. We were to conduct a promotional exam for our pupil in the school. As expected, silence is necessary.

Just then a bird began to sing or cry as it were. You guess right; we were all agitated. Though the kids tried to send the bird away their effort was not good enough. So, I stood to chase the bird away myself, but to no avail. Just as I was about to throw a stone at the bird, one kid noticed something hanging on the roof. I looked and behold it was a big snake about to fall into the midst of the children. Thank God we could dislodge the snake safely. But don’t forget, we never bargained for that at the beginning of the day. We desired a perfect silence, but a distraction from a bird punctured that. That distraction makes sense, doesn’t it? Yes, it does.

But how can we know when distraction makes sense?

  • First, we should always commit our life, ways, and the day’s activities unto God and trusting He is in charge.
  • Second, we should be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and happening around us.
  • Third, we should surrender our disappointment to him.

Distraction makes sense when it glorifies God, fulfills his plans in our life and others. When we learn and accept that God is not unaware of happenings around us as his children distraction will make sense in every situation of our life.

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