Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet

I love success, and I love when things are easy! I always want an easy recipe for success, and I want to make money without working a lot. The only sad thing is that life doesn’t normally work that way.

It is a common joke I have heard many times, but imagine asking God for patience. What happens the next day? The most annoying person comes your way and keeps on asking stupid questions. What just happened? God answered your prayer and right now he is helping you practice patience.

In the same way, developing your character doesn’t happen overnight by itself. It happens when you do the right thing, over and over again, and stretch yourself to improve as a person and your skills.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet
Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet

Again, it is important to understand that growing in your personal life is challenging. And when you meet challenges, instead of getting angry, consider them to be hindrances you have to pass in order to grow! Give thanks to God the next time you meet someone you don’t like because that person is currently helping you grow in character, patience, compassion, and all there is!

Good luck! And by the way, I am speaking more to myself than to my readers by saying this!


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