11 Christian blogs where you can write guest posts

Guest postWriting guest posts is a very trendy activity at the moment for bloggers. It is not only a cool thing to do, it is also a great way to share what’s on your mind, to reach new audience and to let people know who you are. There are different lists publish with information about blogs where you can write such guest posts, but few of them are very specific. So, here you go; a list of 11 Christian blogs where you can write guest posts.

As you visit the different sites make sure to spend time on every single blog before submitting a guest post. Get to know the profile of the different blogs, read some of the articles written by the author and consider what content you could write that would enrich the readers of the actual blog. All in all this might require a lot of time and hard work, but it is for sure worth it. I would also recommend reading „Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post” written by Michael Hyatt giving good advices to everyone who would like to write a successful guest post.

11 blogs for Christian guest posts

Redeeming God
The goal of the blog is to bring „Scripture and theology to life.” It is authored by Jeremy Myers and the first post was posted on this blog in 2007. Guest posts should be between 300-800 words.

Faithful bloggers
If you want to write a guest post for Faithful bloggers you can write on the subjects of mission, parenting, marriage and about blogging, social media and product reviews.

Christian Web Trends blog
At Christian Web Trends blog you can write guest posts about how Christians can use the Internet technology to advance their churches, schools and lives.

Michael Hyatt – Intentional Leadership
Guest post by Michael HyattLet us not forget the blog of Michael Hyatt as we write of guest blogging. He is open to receive guest posts on the subjects of personal growth, leadership, productivity and social media. Guest posts needs to have a length of 500-800 words. Do not forget that the blog of Michael Hyatt is one of the leading blogs in the world on intentional leadership, so unless you know the guy personally or have a hot shot name, you are not very likely to get your guest post published in this blog.

As an author posting guest posts on other blogs I of course give the chance for others to write guest posts in my own blog. At Siggiblog you are invited to write posts about leadership, SEO, blogging, making money online, business and faith related topics.

RevTrev – Make your life count
The goal of the blog is to provide perspective and training for a life in the Spirit. The blog is open to most kind of guest posts, but it should help people grow in their personal lives and should contain between 350-500 words.

Rosan Cunningham
The name says it all. If you want to write a guest post dealing with marriage, parenting, pregnancy or other questions that you believe women and especially moms will be interested in, this is the blog!

Sunflower faith
The Sunflower Faith blog is a family friendly devotional blog. This is the ideal place to post short Bible teachings and other encouraging messages that can easily be applied in daily life.

Sarah Siders
If you contact Sarah to write a guest post it is well worth knowing that guest posts should be between 400-800 words and are preferred to be about subjects such as parenting, life purpose, struggles in your Christian life, relationships, marriage and so on.

Before the Cross
A fantastic and encouraging blog where you can write devotional teaching, encouraging messages, bible lessons and anything related to Christianity. A good blog also to follow for daily encouragements!

Christian devotions
The title of the page gives you quite a lot of information about what the page is actually about. This is a Christian blog with Christian teachings and if you want to encourage the readers of the blog a guest post is a perfect way to do so.

Inspired thinking
At the website of Brad Andres you can write guest posts that has to do with Christianity and maybe especially about the importance of thinking and confessing the truth. The slogan of the website is change your thinking, transform your life!

Bronwyn Lea
If you are fueled by grace, coffee and laugther, then the blog owned by Bronwyn Lea at bronlea.com is the blog for you to write your guests posts. The general Christian guest post here is an encouraging message of faith, but if you have questions, just contact the owner of the blog.

Off the page
This is a blog that deals with typical topics, but they have a big focus on blog posts related to theology and then especially in the topics of morality, sexuality, economics, money and work.

Do you have a Christian blog and do you accept guest posts? Please write a comment in the bottom of the article with your website URL and a few words about the blog, and I might add it to the official list right here! And maybe I will even send you a guest post article myself to be published on your blog!

I wish you all happy guest blogging and maybe I will hear from some of you as you write a guest post in the Siggiblog in the future. Keep up the good work!


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