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Why children are a gift to all bloggers!

I have three children and sometimes they drive me crazy. Even though they make me angry and aggressive, they are still Gods precious gifts to me. And guess what, they are helping me a lot as a blogger! We live in a busy world where we receive instant messages on our computers and phones, we

Having the right perspective

On December 12th I wrote an article about keeping the priorities right. That is very important and I slightly wrote some words about, but I feel it very important that we have the right perspective upon life and upon our work. As you can see from the illustration I have divided our life into a

Keep the priorities right!

Starting a new business requires lots of work. You need to arrange with paperwork, need to get the work done, you need to spread the word and you need to work hard to earn enough money to get things go around. In this process it is very important to keep the priorities right! I love