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A Fubo TV Premier review

Fubo TV just changed a whole lot, and with the new Premier package one can stream all sorts of football/soccer and so much more on Fubo TV. Is it worth the money? As you might know, I am writing this article in Europe. My main focus of concern if football/soccer, meaning that my main reason

Welcome to my world Fubo TV

There are some people you meet, who you never want to see again. And then there are those people you meet, who you hope will never leave. Fubo TV has just turned into such a friend! There are lots of streaming services online showing football matches from the different European Leagues. But, the biggest problem

Fox, NBC, A&E and NBA TV coming to Fubo TV

Fubo TV just presented their Christmas present to sports-fans worldwide. Fox, NBC, A&E and NBA TV will be added to the Fubo TV packages, meaning you can spend even more time in front of your screens in 2017. Now you might not understand the great value of Fox, NBC and the other TV channels just