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Man With A Plan is now on CBS

Lots of TV shows premiered on NBC, CBS, Fox and similar TV networks in September. But, now in the end of September a new TV series premiered on CBS; Man With A Plan. Man With A Plan had its premiere on CBS on October 24th. Matt LeBlanc is the guy in the main role. After

Watch The Odd Couple online

The Odd Couple is a brand new series from CBS which is aired once a week. It is starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon and after watching two episodes of the show it is one of my new favorites to watch! In The Odd Couple we meet two guys who have recently gotten divorced. They

How to get an IP address in USA?

Many consider the USA to be the homeland of the Internet and almost all modern forms of technology. It is also the home of amazing TV series and films, but much of this content is blocked with geo-blocks, making them only available if you reside in the USA, meaning that you have a US IP