An honest Unblock us review

Unblock us is for sure one of the biggest SmartDNS providers on the market and they claim to be the biggest of them all in the United States. I have recently tried their services and here is my honest Unblock us review.

First of all it must be said that the Unblock us website looks very nice, it is easy to navigate on and you can quickly get started signing up for the Unblock us services. If you want to watch TV online then they have a page on which you can easily see which channels are available as a subscriber, meaning that you can find out quickly if they do support the VoD service you are looking for, or maybe the TV channel that you would like to watch online. Unblock us do support all the biggest services like Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Instant Video (US), NOW TV and so on, but if you want to watch a TV channel in a nation that is not the UK or the USA, you might want to check twice to see if it is included or not.

Unblock us prices

The prices offered by Unblock us are very standard prices for such SmartDNS services, and it is either 5USD a month or 50USD a year. These are the same prices as for example OverPlay SmartDNS, and it is also the same price that you pay for a year with PureVPN which includes both a SmartDNS and a VPN connection. If you are out there in need of a SmartDNS service then it is worth 5USD a month, but I would personally consider PureVPN instead, because you get the VPN connection included for the same price, and the VPN connection can come very useful if a TV channel is not supported by the SmartDNS provider or if you would need some security/encryption sometime, or especially if you use an Android device and want to download applications from Google Play Store in another nation.

Unblock us in action

To use Unblock us in action is so easy, that it is almost too easy! After subscribing you just download their client in Windows and it will just get started and activate itself, and thus you are ready to watch. This can easily be turned on and off whenever you want to, so just super easy! In other words you do not need to manually enter DNS settings or anything, but the little Unblock us application just fixes it all. You can of course do stuff manually, but it is absolutely not needed.

Once you have activated it you can also visit the Unblock us you can immediately see it on the Unblock us website that your DNS settings is working, and it should look something like this!

Unblock us is working!

Now you can easily surf around and watch services such as Netflix, and as you notice on the picture above there is also a nation picker meaning that you can easily surf around choosing to watch the Netflix nation you might be interested in at the very moment. That is very practical!

Now you might want to use Unblock us at other devices such as iOS, Android or Mac and doing so is almost just as easy as activating it in Windows. They do have very detailed descriptions and instructions at their website, so you should get started easily if you use some other system than Windows!

Unblock us wrap up

If you just want a SmartDNS service this should work out great. OverPlay might be bigger when it comes to TV channels and services supported by the provider, but that is only interesting if you are looking for some channel that is not supported by Unblock us. If you want to watch something supported by Unblock us this is a perfect service which gives you good value for your money!


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