Wolfsburg, Bayern Munchen and Borussia Dortmund all on track

The first round of the German Bundesliga is already history and as we take a look at the results we can see some smaller and some bigger surprises, but most importantly we see that Wolfsburg, Maybern Munchen and Borussia Dortmund all seem very strong. And, maybe we should include Schalke as well in that wrap up.

All these teams won their first matches, just take a look at their results here:

Wolfsburg – Frankfurt, 2-1
Borussia Dortmund – Morussia Monchengladbach, 4-0
Bayern Munchen – Hamburger SV, 5-0
Werder Bremen – Schalke, 0-3

The most impressing results are probably Dortmunds and Schalkes results, while Wolfsburg and Bayern Munchens win both are following the book. Hamburger who came to their match against Bayern Munchen with a cup defeat against a fourth division club in Germany has not had a good start on the season, so the 5-0 win for Bayern Munchen might not reveal to much about their strength.

But, this coming weekend Bayern Munchen will travel to play against Hoffenheim, a match they should probably win. Wolfsburg will travel to Cologne to play against a Koln team who won their first Bundesliga match 3-1 against Stuttgart (away). That might be a tough nut to crack, so this is a great match to follow this upcoming weekend. Schalke will also play on Saturday and they will play against Darmstadt, a newcomer in the German Bundesliga, who played 2-2 in their first match against Hannover. Of the four big the last team to play is Borussia Dortmund who will play against Ingolstadt on Sunday, a team that surprisingly won 1-0 against Mainz in their first match (playing away).

As you understand there will be loads of highlights in the Bundesliga this upcoming weekend as well, and if you want to follow the goals and action online, read our article on how to watch the Bundesliga online right away.

And do not forget that this weekend will be the kick off time for the La Liga in Spain and Serie A in Italy as well, so there will be lots of football on the screen also this upcoming weekend.




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