Will Barcelona loose it all?

A couple of weeks ago it seemed as if Barcelona would win everything. Since then they said goodbye to the Champions League, and now anything can happen in La Liga. Barcelona has lost against Atletico Madrid in the second match in the Champions League quarter final, leading them to a 3-2 loss in total, meaning that the semi-finals in Champions League in 2015/16 will have to take place without Barcelona. For a long time we thought Bayern Munchen was the only team in Europe that could be capable of beating Barcelona. Now we know that Atletico Madrid could beat them, but can they beat Bayern Munchen as well? We will find out in the Champions League semi finals!

But, let us return to Spanish football again. A few weeks ago Barcelona had a big lead to Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid in Liga BBVA, but after loosing 2-1 against Valencia at Camp Nou they are now equal with Atletico Madrid in points and only one point in front of Real Madrid. Anything can happen in Liga BBVA with five matches left to play. We are of course happy about that, because there is nothing more boring than football leagues where there is nothing left to play for when five rounds are left, but it will be interesting to see whether or not Barcelona will be able to rise up again and end up on the throne of Liga BBVA!

No matter what will happen they have a chance to win Copa del Rey as well as they have a place in the final of Copa del Rey on May 22nd against Sevilla!


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