West Ham surprised everyone!

Before the first weekend with Premier League matches in the 2015-16 there was one match that we felt sure would end with a home victory, and that was Arsenal vs West Ham.

One of the big reasons was that Arsenal seems to be very strong and one of the big favorites for winning the entire Premier League in this season. Another reason was that West Ham seems terribly weak, especially based on their lousy matches played in the Europe League where they last week even managed to loose their match and thus not able to qualify themselves for the 4th qualification stage to the Europe League. That is why they were one of the big favorites to earning a place among the teams relegated from the Premier League.

So what have we learned? West Ham is able to surprise everyone, and even though it was not a victory they really deserved, they still managed to get the three points, which will mean a lot for the team, and maybe give them an energy boost making them able to grab three more points in their next match which is to be played against Leicester City on Saturday. Leicester is by the way a team coming to the match also with three points after beating Sunderland 4-2 in their opening match.

All in all, if you take a look at the Premier League standings after the opening matches it is very surprising with Leicester City on the top, followed by Crystal Palace, West Ham United and Aston Villa. The teams on the fifth and sixth place probably wants to get even higher, and those are Manchester United and Liverpool.

There is one more match to be played tonight before the first Premier League round is totally finished and that is the mach between West Bromwich and Manchester City. Based on all the surprises so far, who knows, maybe West Bromwich will manage to surprise everyone and grab three points in the match? If you want to watch the match, find out how to watch the Premier League online here.

Some will say that Chelsea playing 2-2 against Swansea was a big surprise, but based on the strength of the Swansea team and their results last year, we did not find that result to surprising at all, at least not compared to the Arsenal vs West Ham result!


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