Welcome to my world Fubo TV

There are some people you meet, who you never want to see again. And then there are those people you meet, who you hope will never leave. Fubo TV has just turned into such a friend!

There are lots of streaming services online showing football matches from the different European Leagues. But, the biggest problem has been that there is not ONE service that shows it all. If you wanted to stream the German Bundesliga the best solution was Eurosportplayer or maybe Fox Soccer 2 Go in the United States. For those who wanted to stream La Liga in Spain beIN Sports or Dazn were among the best solutions, while the Premier League could be streamed on Dazn in Germany and NBCSN in the United States. But, to have 2-3 different subscription in order to watch your favorite matches has never been favorable when it comes to economy.  But, my new friend Fubo TV just changed a bit, and I love him more than ever before!

FuboTV made some fantastic changes

So, what has happened to my friend Fubo TV? The biggest changes is that he just grew bigger. If you take a look on the inside of my friend, he no longer contain parts of Spain, Italy and France, but now he also has eaten important parts of Germany and England, and in fact all of Europe. The consequence is that my friend Fubo TV now lets me stream the German Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga, the French Ligue 1, the Italian Serie A, the English Premier League, the English Championship, the English FA Cup, the Champions League, the Europe League and lots of other content. What a friend to have?

How much does this friendship cost?

FuboTV is a nice friend, but you of course have to pay a bit for the friendship. But, to make it easier to find out whether you like FuboTV or not, you are offered a free friendship for seven days. After that you will however have to make a decision, whether you want your ways to part, or if you want to remain friends. I did not need much time to find out that this is a friendship that I want to last for a long time. At the moment this friendship will cost me 35 USD a month, which is way cheaper than my previous relationships.

Doesn’t it sound cool? Would you like to become friends with Fubo TV as well?  Visit the Fubo TV website and test the friendship for free for seven days. If you give the friendship a try, but all you see is an error message telling you that Fubo TV is unavailable at your current location, then I recommend that you read the following instructions which will help you watch Fubo TV all across the world.

What’s your plans for the upcoming weekend?

I am planning to spend quite a lot of time with my new friend. He has some great stuff planned for me this weekend, so with my Fubo TV friend we are planning to watch the Bundesliga top match between Bayern Munchen and Hertha Berlin, watch an FA Cup match between Blackburn and Manchester United, and of course watch the best matches from Serie A in Italy and La Liga in Spain.

What are you planning to do this weekend? Which friend are you gonna spend time with?



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