How to watch the Winter Olympics 2018 online?

The Winter Olympics is the highlight of the year in 2018. Would you like to watch the Winter Olympics 2018 online?

The Winter Olympics in 2018 is officially known as the XXIII Olympic Winter Games. It will take place in Pyeonghcang between February 9th and February 25th. Since July 6th in 2011 the city has been waiting for this event, and it is getting closer and closer for every day passing by. Pyeongchang competed with Munich (Germany) and Annecy (France), but in the end the city in South Korea won the competition.

how to watch the winter olympics 2018 online

This will be the first time South Korea arrange the Olympic Winter Games. The nation has arranged Summer Olympics before (in 1988 in Seoul). Pyeongchang is the third Asian city to arrange the Winter Olympics (Sapporo and Nagano has arranged it earlier).

How to watch the Winter Olympics 2018 online?

If you are looking as much forward to the Winter Olympics as I am, then you are for sure interested in finding out how to watch the event online. There will be TV stations all across the world broadcasting the event, and quite a lot of these have live streams available online. These streams are only available in their respective nations, and thus you will need to use a VPN or a similar service if you want to watch the Winter Olympics on a TV station in another country.

Here are my prime suggestions if you want to watch the Winter Olympics online.

In the UK you can stream the Winter Games at a combination of BBC and Eurosport. You can stream BBC for free, but you need a subscription to watch the Winter Olympics at Eurosport (the subscription is very cheap). If you want to watch it there I suggest that you use the VPN services of ExpressVPN, a VPN provider that will let you stream both BBC and Eurosport in the UK from abroad.


If you want to stream the WInter Olympics online at German TV, then you can stream it on ARD and ZDF. These channels have live streams from all events available on the Internet. As a result, you can stream the Winter Olympics 2018 online on German TV easily. The only requirement is that you have a German IP address, and you can get one using ExpressVPN.


In Switzerland, the Winter Olympics will air on SRF. This is a free TV channel, which means that those who visit can stream the event online. The only requirement is that you have a Swiss IP address, which is something you can get easily using ExpressVPN. Click the button, sign up, download their application and choose a server in Switzerland. You will be ready to stream the WInter Olympics on Swiss TV very soon!

For everyone overseas who want to stream the event on NBCUniversal, the best solution might be Fubo TV. They will most likely give subscribers access to the live streams from the Winter Olympics, broadcasted by NBCUniversal. If you want to find out more about FuboTV and how to watch it online, visit

What to enjoy during the WInter Olympics 2018?

There will be a total of 105 events in 12 different sports during the Winter Olympics. Here you can see the overview.

  •  Alpine skiing (11)
  •  Biathlon (11)
  •  Bobsleigh (3)
  •  Cross-country skiing (12)
  •  Curling (3)
  •  Figure skating (5)
  •  Freestyle skiing (10)
  •  Ice hockey (2)
  •  Luge (4)
  •  Nordic combined (3)
  •  Short track speed skating (8)
  •  Skeleton (2)
  •  Ski jumping (4)
  •  Snowboarding (10)
  •  Speed skating (14)

My personal favorites are cross-country skiing and biathlon, but biathlon is often even more exciting, as so much can happen during a competition. Curling is a sport I would love to try myself once (never had a chance to try it so far).

There will be some curling and ski-jumping events taking place on February 8th, but real life only starts after the opening ceremony on February 9th.

The mascots of the 23rd Olympic Winter Games will be Soohorang, a white tiger, and Bandabi, an Asiatic black bear. Let us hope they will look cool and give us lots of enjoyable moments to remember for a long time!




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