How to watch Netflix in Slovenia?

Do you want to watch some amazing films and TV series at Netflix? Are you located in Slovenia, a country in which Netflix is unavailable. It sounds like a challenge, but it is very easy to watch Netflix in Slovenia.

I have a special website dedicated to the topic on watching Netflix from abroad, but in this article I will only focus on how to watch Netflix in Slovenia.

Netflix in Slovenia

The best way of watching Netflix in Slovenia is by subscribing to the British or the American Netflix. In those nations it is possible to subscribe to Netflix, but if you try to visit the Netflix website in Slovenia you will only get a message that it is unavailable to you. To bypass this you need to make Netflix believe that you are located in either the UK or in the United States. That is why VPNs are for, because they will connect you to a server in either UK or in the States, and once connected you only restart your browser and you will surf with a local IP address. And with a local IP address in the UK or in the States the Netflix website will turn available and you can feel free to start your 30 day free trial and enjoy the show.

Living in Slovenia the best is probably to go for Netflix in the UK, because it is closer to Slovenia in kilometres, but if you would rather use Netflix in the USA that can also be done. I have tested this myself and it works great.

Doing these tests I used a VPN provider named PureVPN. They have great speeds on their VPN servers in both UK and in the USA, and what makes it even better is that with such a subscription not only will Netflix open up to you, but you can also use it to watch Fox and NBC in the United States from your present location in Slovenia.

So, to watch Netflix in Slovenia simply visit the PureVPN website, make a subscription, download their VPN client and connect to a server in the UK or in the USA. Restart your browser and visit the Netflix website. You can now sign up and enjoy!


I know that it works, but I would love to have you come back to this page to share your experience after using PureVPN to watch Netflix from Slovenia. I always enjoy reading comments myself, and so do my readers!



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