How to watch nbcolympics from abroad?

NBC is going crazy during the Winter Olympics and they will broadcast 24×7 from Sochi. They have live streams showing viewers everything taking place during the Winter Olympics, and it is an amazing opportunity not to miss out on one single detail. But, if you are located outside of the United States, what can you do to watch

To watch NBC Olympics, or, you will need an American IP address. The best way of getting an American IP address is to use the VPN provider HideMyAss. They have VPN servers in the United States, and they also have some virtual servers in the UK and in the Netherlands providing you with a US IP address, making it the ultimate solution. To explain it easily, HideMyAss can make it look like you reside in the United States, even though if you are at another location.


Get yourself a HideMyAss subscription, download their program and connect to a server in the United States (or one of the virtual USA servers in Europe). Restart your browser or wait some minutes and visit You are now ready to watch the broadcast!

A little notice about watching the olympics on

To watch the Winter Olympics on it is not enough with an American IP address. You will also need to have a valid subscription to a network in the USA with NBC. This will give you a username and a password and you need to use that to be able to enable the live streams at NBCOlympics. If you have that, but are located abroad, then you will need the American IP address in addition to watch!

Hope you have liked this guide! If you want to know more about watching the Winter Olympics from abroad, or maybe you want to watch the olympics at some other channel, read the following article.



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