How to watch European Championship in Water Polo 2014 online?

The European Championship in Water Polo for both men and women will be arranged in Budapest in the period between July 14th and 27th July. This will be one amazing tournament where some of the best nations of the world will compare strength.

Hungary, the nation hosting the tournament, will have the chance to win the entire tournament both for men and for women, but there are lots of other strong teams participating, so this will get really interesting.

How to watch European Championship in Water polo 2014 online?

If you want to watch the different matches from the European Water Polo championship online. there is one thing you need to do, and after that there will be some different ways in which you can watch the World Cup. The most important and first step you need to take is to sign up for the VPN services of the provider IPVanish. You can read more about IPVanish here in my review. IPVanish will make it possible for you to get IP addresses in several other nations worldwide, an that is good, because that is exactly what you need to watch the Water Polo European Championship online. Once you have that subscription ready, this is what you need to do to watch the tournament online.IPVanish

Click the IPVanish button above to visit their website and sign up.

Use IPVanish to watch Water Polo 2014

Now that you have your IPVanish subscription, you can watch most matches on either RAI2Sport in Italy or on M1 in Hungary. The best option is though the Italian channel as they will broadcast almost all matches from the Water Polo tournament.

  • Use the IPVanish application and connect to a server in Italy. You will then get an Italian IP address and you can then watch live streams provided by Rai Sport to watch the Water Polo matches. – live stream
  • Use IPVanish and connect to a server in Hungary and with your Hungarian IP address you can watch the matches on

That was it. Enjoy the Water Polo tournament, and if you have questions or comments, just write a comment to the article!


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