Watch Chelsea vs Manchester City online

On February 21 Chelsea will play Manchester City in the FA Cup. Find out how to watch Chelsea vs Manchester City online and watch the best football match in Europe this weekend.

Manchester City has had a peaceful week with no matches played while Chelsea visited Paris, not because of the Eiffel tower, but to play a match at Parc des Princes against Paris Saint-Germain. That was a fantastic match and even though they lost in the end, it was amazing to watch as both PSG and Chelsea kept the pace up and produced a match packed with goal chances, goals and fantastic saves by both keepers.

Now it is time for Chelsea to keep up the fantastic football from last weekend in the Premier League when they won 5-1 against Newcastle and keep playing that nice football as they did against PSG. But, their next opponent will not be easy either, after all Manchester City is one of the best teams in the United Kingdom.

Watch Chelsea vs Manchester City online

If you want to watch Chelsea vs Manchester City online as they play in the FA Cup on February 21st then we recommend that you read our article telling you how to watch the FA Cup online. To make it short you can watch the match on FoxSoccer2Go in the United States. That might seem hard, but it is really easy.


First of all you use PureVPN to get yourself an American IP address. You can visit their website clicking the button above. Then you visit and sign up for their seven day free trial. In other words you can sign up to watch the match and then just cancel your subscription afterwards and you have have seen Chelsea vs Manchester City online for free.

Notice that you can watch all other FA Cup matches on FoxSoccer2Go in the same way, for example Tottenham vs Crystal Palace which start one hour before the Chelsea vs Manchester City match.



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