Just tested VyprVPN 2

A while back I wrote an article about the fact that VyprVPN 2 is about to be launched. Finally it is here, and the guys and girls at GoldenFrog has done a great job making their application for both Android, Windows and the different systems much better and user friendly.

If you wonder what has been made new in the new version of VyprVPN, please read the previous article where I wrote more about what changes could be expected in the upcoming version.

Did VyprVPN just get better?

After using the VyprVPN app on both Android and in Windows for some time I must say that I really like the changes that has been made. One of my favorite functions is the ability to add favorite servers and locations, making it much easier to connect to your most commonly used servers. Another great function is that with one single click you can connect to the server that you last connected to.

The fact that you in the new version can see how much bandwidth you use (both download and upload) can be useful and at least you can follow and see the download speeds you get from the VyprVPN service.

A function that has always been there with VyprVPN which is truly brilliant is the fact that you can make VyprVPN automatically start when connecting to open WiFI networks (not using any encryption). This is for sure one of the most useful functions in the application and something that can help the most confused people, always on the run, to never surf the Internet unencrypted, and thus leaving little chance to network sniffers out there.

VyprVPN 2.0 screenshots

Wonder what VyprVPN look like in the new version? Take a look at the following screenshots that I just made.

Connected to a server in FInland from my Android mobile phone I just added some favorite VPN servers on my Android phone The new Ping Test function makes it much easier to connect to a server with great speeds Using VyprVPN 2.0 in Windows, checking upload and download speeds and more


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Just came to my mind that the function in picture three is also a useful one. The ability to ping all servers at the same time, makes it much easier to find servers with the best speeds, thus making it possible to avoid slow servers with poor download speeds. To read more about VyprVPN, read my VyprVPN review.



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