How to use WP Share to Unlock?

If you want to use the WordPress plugin WP Share to Unlock it can be done very easily. Earlier we have written about OnePress Social Locker which is an advanced tool for locking certain content in WordPress, and WP Share to Unlock is somewhat similar.

The first you need to do is to download the plugin, which can easily be done as you search for WP Share to Unlock inside your WordPress dashboard. Then you activate it and once activated you can see the settings in your Dashboard. They are running on default, which is good for most people by standard, so what you really need to do is simply to post a new article and you can see in the visual editor a new icon which has appeared.

WP ShareNow you simply click the button and type whatever you want to hide behind the share/like button. The user now has to share or to like your content, and only then will the hidden content become visible to the user. Yet another great method to get your content shared and to get more visitors to your site.

The code you need to use is [share-to-unlock]Smile[/share-to-unlock]. Whatever I write between the start and the end of the code will turn invisible. In this instance the text smile will be hidden and only turn visible as someone like the post.

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