Time for Benitez to leave Madrid?

Only two days ago Real Madrid embarrassed themselves in front of their own supporters loosing 4-0 against Barcelona in the first El Classico this season. Even before the match there were lots of unhappy supporters, and after the match not only supporters, but even the big star of Real Madrid Ronaldo seems to be unhappy with the leadership of Benitez.

There are different rumours concerning this. Some people believe that Raphael Benitez is about to get fired from Real Madrid and they then expect Zidane to take his position (Zidane is currently leading Real Madrid Castilla), while other sources say that Benitez still have the full support of the board and that they will let him lead the ship for a while more, and hopefully the results will start coming within shortly!

What can be known for sure is that Ronaldo is supposed to have given the board an ultimatum. Either Benitez leaves or Ronaldo will leave. What do you think? Write a comment if you have something to say!

We must admit that what we have seen from Real Madrid so far this season has not been very impressing. They are supposed to be among the best teams in Europe, and that is why we have been surprised throughout several matches at the poor quality on the team and the fact that PSG twice played much better football than them is kind of surprising. Not because PSG is a poor team, but due to the fact that no team should be able to play much better football than Real Madrid in two matches in a row.

The next Real Madrid match in Liga BBVA will be this upcoming Sunday against Eibar, but before that they will travel to Ukraine to play against Shakhtar Donetsk, and neither of these matches will be to easy. Benitez has a lot of pressure on him, so he will for sure be nervous before the matches, because with two more losses or it might be enough even loosing just one of these matches, and he might have to say goodbye to his role as coach for Real Madrid.

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