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Is PureVPN legitimate or is PureVPN a scam?

PureVPN is one of the most famous VPN providers on the market and based on their website it seems as if people sign up to their services every single minute.They also claim to have one than one million customers. But is PureVPN legitimate? If you read PureVPN reviews on the Internet, and especially the comments

PureVPN with new servers and IP addresses

Last week PureVPN wrote on their blog that they have added new IP addresses in new nations, first of all in Africa and Asia. It is no doubt about the fact that PureVPN is expanding and getting lots of new customers every day. They might have a rusty reputation, but based on my personal experience

PureVPN – now with servers in 42 nations

It is quite incredible, but a bit more than one year ago PureVPN only had servers in 18 nations. Well, with time things change, and PureVPN has changed – for the good! At the time I am writing this article PureVPN has servers available in 42 nations, as a result of their recent expansion into

News from IPVanish and PureVPN

The Olympics are over, and it might seem like a bit of a “dead” period. But, many VPN providers use these days for developing and expanding, and two providers that have been busy lately are IPVanish and PureVPN. While waiting for the next highlight of the year, the World Cup 2014, these are at least

VPN providers with Bitcoin payment

Do you have a Bitcoin account and would like to use your Bitcoin money to buy a VPN account? Want to make a VPN subscription without giving any information about your real identity or location? Use a VPN provider with Bitcoin support! So, you are looking for a VPN provider with Bitcoin support. You have

PureVPN Christmas sale until December 31st

Christmas is a beautiful time and the shopping season has come upon us. Since Black Friday PureVPN has launche their Christmas sale which is to last all the way until December 31st. I could not find any information about the length of the PureVPN Christmas sale on their website, so I asked them on Twitter

An honest PureVPN review

I am writing this PureVPN review based on my own personal experience usingthe service. Yes, there will be an affiliate link to PureVPN at the end of the article which you can feel free to use, but what I write is not influenced by that link, and my goal is not to convince you to

How to get an IP address in Egypt?

Egypt is the land of the Nile, the pyramids and of political riots. If you wonder how to get an IP address in this interesting nation, keep on reading! The fact is that many people in Egypt want an IP address outside Egypt, because from time to time regulations and limitations are made by the