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The best Christmas movies on Swedish Netflix

Would you like to watch a Christmas movie on Netflix today? Which are the best Christmas movies available on Swedish Netflix? What brings the Christmas atmosphere into your home? Maybe your favorite Christmas music, or maybe the smell of incense? Maybe as you start preparing the presents or get your favorite food served on the

Do you get the Netflix streaming error message

Recently users all around the globe started getting a Netflix streaming error message with error code F7111-1331-5059. Those getting this error message all have one thing in common and that is that they have been using either a VPN service or maybe a DNS service to watch Netflix. Maybe you did not even know about

Can I watch The Longest Ride on Netflix?

I have earlier written about the film named The Longest Ride and I remember writing that it was one of my favorite romantic films, and that I liked it way more than The Notebook, another film known to be a real hit among fans of romantic films. Yes, you can watch The Longest Ride on

Christian teachings on Netflix

On the first day of each month there are always lots of film and TV series that are added to Netflix in all Netflix regions. The same was true for December 1st in 2015, but there was a slight difference compared to normal months. Now you can not only watch Christian films on Netflix, but

Watch the Best on Netflix

So you want to watch the very best content on Netflix? I can totally understand that, but the problem is that you do not know which are the best films and movies available, at least not before you have seen them. That is why I would like to help you, and the way I do

Rotten Tomatoes ain’t always right

As I was surfing around on Netflix I noticed this film from 2015 named Survivor with Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich in the main roles. It sounded to good to be true with this film already being available on Netflix so I looked around and noticed that it only had an 8% rating on Rotten

Can I watch Netflix in Sri Lanka?

If you are located in Sri Lanka you would probably love to watch some good action films or watch all seasons of Friends or some other situation comedy on Netflix. But, unfortunately Netflix is not available in Sri Lanka yet. So, what can you do still to watch Netflix in Sri Lanka? It is possible