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The best Christmas movies on Swedish Netflix

Would you like to watch a Christmas movie on Netflix today? Which are the best Christmas movies available on Swedish Netflix? What brings the Christmas atmosphere into your home? Maybe your favorite Christmas music, or maybe the smell of incense? Maybe as you start preparing the presents or get your favorite food served on the

Christian teachings on Netflix

On the first day of each month there are always lots of film and TV series that are added to Netflix in all Netflix regions. The same was true for December 1st in 2015, but there was a slight difference compared to normal months. Now you can not only watch Christian films on Netflix, but

How to get an IP address in Norway?

If you want to virtually reside in the nation of Norway, a country with almost 5 million inhabitants and known to be one of the richest countries in the world, find out how to get an IP address in Norway as you read on. Norway is known for beautiful nature, stunning views, winter sports and