Premier League kick-off in four days

It is Tuesday and that means we are only four days away from the kick off for the Premier League 2015-16 season. We are really excited about it here at and even though this is a brand new and fresh website, we do hope that many people will come here to find information about how they can watch the Premier League online and information about their favorite teams.

So far we have written quite detailed information about Manchester United and Tottenham, the two teams which will play in the opening match of the Premier League in the upcoming season, and in addition we have written about Liverpool. Soon we will post information about other clubs such as Manchester City, Southampton, West Ham, Arsenal and other Premier League clubs, and then you can follow your club and get information about their latest results, upcoming matches, standings, their short history and of course information about how you can watch them play their Premier League matches online!

Again, we are really excited about this and we hope you are to! Who will win the Premier League? Our guess is Arsenal,  but time will show if we are right or not!


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