A Crenova XPE460 projector review

A while back I didn’t even know that mini projectors existed. Then I suddenly discovered them on Amazon, and recently I laid my hands on my very own Crenova XPE460 projector. Curious to find out whether I like it or not? Read my Crenova XPE460 projector review for more information. It was around Christmas when

Welcome to my world Fubo TV

There are some people you meet, who you never want to see again. And then there are those people you meet, who you hope will never leave. Fubo TV has just turned into such a friend! There are lots of streaming services online showing football matches from the different European Leagues. But, the biggest problem

Can I watch The Book Thief on Netflix?

I got The Book Thief recommended to me by friends a while back and now I would like to watch the movie on Netflix. Is it possible to stream The Book Thief on Netflix? The Book Thief is a brilliant movie which has received lots of praise both from critics and from the general audience.

Why children are a gift to all bloggers!

I have three children and sometimes they drive me crazy. Even though they make me angry and aggressive, they are still Gods precious gifts to me. And guess what, they are helping me a lot as a blogger! We live in a busy world where we receive instant messages on our computers and phones, we

Update your IPVanish connections and software

If you are using IPVanish as your VPN provider you better update your connections and software. They have recently made some upgrades to their server park and as a result you will have to update your connection software. If you are using IPVanish manually, meaning that you have used manual setup for your IPVanish connection,

Fox, NBC, A&E and NBA TV coming to Fubo TV

Fubo TV just presented their Christmas present to sports-fans worldwide. Fox, NBC, A&E and NBA TV will be added to the Fubo TV packages, meaning you can spend even more time in front of your screens in 2017. Now you might not understand the great value of Fox, NBC and the other TV channels just

The best Christmas movies on Swedish Netflix

Would you like to watch a Christmas movie on Netflix today? Which are the best Christmas movies available on Swedish Netflix? What brings the Christmas atmosphere into your home? Maybe your favorite Christmas music, or maybe the smell of incense? Maybe as you start preparing the presents or get your favorite food served on the