Watch the Best on Netflix

So you want to watch the very best content on Netflix? I can totally understand that, but the problem is that you do not know which are the best films and movies available, at least not before you have seen them. That is why I would like to help you, and the way I do

The Wedding Ringer on Now TV

Are you a fan of comedies and if possible with lots of crazy things happening? The Wedding Ringer might be the film for you and it is coming to Now TV on November 13th. If you do not know what Now TV is, then I can tell you that it is the online service of

When will Bayern stop winning?

Bayern Munchen has played ten matches so far in this years Bundesliga and so far they have won all of their matches. Tonight they will play against Frankfurt and on the paper this should be a quite easy 11th win. But, often it is those easy matches that are able to make the big giants